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Enable 3rd party cookies for Tiller
Enable 3rd party cookies for Tiller

If you're seeing a Cookie settings error when trying to add or refresh an account use these steps to fix this issue.

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Since Tiller uses a 3rd party data provider to connect to and access your bank data you need to allow 3rd party cookies for Tiller to be able to access our data provider's account connection system.

To allow 3rd party cookies for Tiller for Google Chrome

  1. Click the crossed out "eye" icon in the upper right of the URL bar.

  2. Click "Site not working"

  3. Click "Allow cookies"

Alternative, you can manually configure your privacy settings to allow the cookies. These are for Google Chrome, but the same basic steps apply to other browsers.

  1. Open the Settings for your browser

  2. Find the Cookies settings (under Safety Check in Chrome)

  3. Add as a site you want to allow 3rd party cookies.

  4. Refresh the Console and try again.

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