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Editing the Transactions Sheet
Editing the Transactions Sheet

Learn more about editing the transactions sheet in your Tiller-powered spreadsheets

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The Transactions sheet is the heart of Tiller. It's where Tiller pulls in the data about your latest financial transactions from the accounts you have linked to the spreadsheet. 

Note: Please do not rename the Transactions sheet (tab at the bottom). Doing so will prevent your data from being pulled into the sheet.

Basics of editing data in the Transactions sheet

Your data is yours! You can customize the descriptions, change the dates, and modify the data below row 1 as needed.

The transactions sheet has a core set of data columns with specific header keywords in row 1.

If these headers are present in row 1, Tiller will pull in the available data for them for each transaction. If a column is missing or the header has been modified (by accidental edit or otherwise), Tiller won’t be able to pull the data for those columns.


  • Insert new rows below row 1 for manually recording transactions.

  • Delete or clear transaction rows you don’t need or want.

  • Insert new columns, and delete or hide any columns you don’t want to see.


  • Change the name of the Transactions tab

  • Remove the header row (row 1)

  • Change the names of the headers for Date, Description, Amount, Account, Account #, Institution or other core data columns.

What happens to my data if I make edits?

Tiller stores the original data that was filled in a database so edit to your heart's desire. If you connect a new spreadsheet to Tiller's data feeds the original data will populate into that sheet. 

Please note, our data provider pulls transactions and balances independently. If you manually add transaction data to the Transactions sheet it will not affect the balance of the account on the Balances sheet. Balance data is pulled into the Balance History sheet.

Can I Delete Transactions?

You can delete transaction rows from your Transactions sheet in any Tiller spreadsheet template.

To delete a transaction, right click the row number and choose "delete row."

Editing Columns in the Transactions sheet

Tiller's starter templates have a base set of columns in the Transactions sheet. The column's data is defined in row 1 with a header. The base columns in all templates are:

Account #
Account ID - please do not delete

Transaction ID - please do not delete
Check Number
Full Description
Date Added   

Read the descriptions of the data that's automatically pulled into these columns and the other supported columns you can add to your Transactions sheet here

Note: if you insert additional columns that Tiller can fill automatically, it will fill the data for new transactions going forward. It does not retroactively fill for transactions that already exist in your sheet. 

ℹ️ Editing the Transactions sheet in Google Sheets

Edits that affect the Transactions sheet header row (row 1), like turning on the filter or inserting a column, will trigger a "Heads up" warning.

As long as your edit is intentional, click "don't show for 5 minutes" and then "Ok" to continue making your edits.

The warning is due to a protected range on row 1 that prevents accidental edits to the header keywords. If you accidentally overwrote the word "Description" in row 1 on your Transactions sheet, your next fill would not have transaction descriptions.

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