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Supported Currencies and Date Formats
Supported Currencies and Date Formats

Learn about supported currencies from Tiller data bank feeds.

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Supported Currencies

Right now our templates are built to support USD. If you'd like to experiment with using a different currency the Google help doc below has the steps for how to change the currency. However, these customizations are outside of the scope of what's supported in the template.

Customization Resource

Reference the "Custom currency formatting" section here:

Community Resource

You can read more on some possible workarounds from our Community members here:

Supported Date Format

The Foundation Template and feeds are designed to import data with a US Date Format (MM/DD/YYYY). Some of our community-built templates and workflows are also hardcoded around MM/DD/YYYY formatting due to our focus on US customers. We also advise against changing the Locale setting in your Google Sheets from "United States".

You may find that many templates and workflows do work with alternate formats but we don’t have a list of which ones will be compatible. While our focus remains on customers within the US, updating the templates and workflows with this date-format limitation is important work for us to better support international customers in the future.

Community Resource

You may also read more on a possible workaround our Community members created here:

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