You can always easily access your Tiller spreadsheets directly from your Google Drive without needing to log in to the Tiller Console.

Open, or log in to, your Google Drive at using the same Google/Gmail account that you used to sign up for Tiller.

You have a few options for finding your Tiller Sheet in your Google Drive.

You can search for your Tiller spreadsheet by name using the search bar at the top of your Google Drive and it should appear in the search results list.

Recent Documents

If you recently edited your Tiller spreadsheet it should appear relatively high in the list when you view the "recent" documents from the left side menu.

Shared With Me

Finally, because the Tiller Feedbot is the "owner" of the sheet and shares it with your Google Account you can always find your Tiller Sheet by choosing the "Shared with me" button on the left and browsing the list.

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