Note: these steps are for Tiller powered Google Sheets only.

Using the Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE function you can automatically port the data from your Transaction or Balance History sheets, or any other sheets you have in your Tiller spreadsheet, into one or more Google Sheets. 

Follow along with the animation of these steps at the bottom of this article.

1. Setting up the formula

  1. Open the target Google sheet. This is where you want your transactions or balance history from your Tiller spreadsheet to show up.

  2. Create a new sheet (tab) where the data pulled from Tiller will live. Note: use the plus sign in the bottom left of the Google Sheet to create a new sheet (tab). 

  3. Open up the Tiller spreadsheet that will serve as the data source.

  4. Copy the URL for this Tiller spreadsheet.

  5. Update the URL in this formula to use the URL of your Tiller spreadseet.

=IMPORTRANGE("insert google spreadsheet URL here","Transactions!A:J")

2. Granting access to the source data

You'll notice a #REF! error on the newly created sheet where the formula was pasted. You'll need to allow this target Google Sheet access to the source data.

Hover over the #REF! and click ‘Allow Access’. 

Note: once access is granted, anyone who has editing permissions on the target sheet (CSV Export from My Bank) can use IMPORTRANGE to pull from any part of the source spreadsheet (My Tiller Sheet). See the Notes in Google’s IMPORTRANGE documentation for more information.

After I allow access, the Tiller Transactions now shows up in the target sheet, and will be automatically updated in both locations whenever Tiller updates the sheet. You can spend some time making the data look a bit nicer by adding some conditional formatting, but it’s important that you don’t rearrange the column order on this sheet.

Continue to categorize in your Tiller Sheet

It’s best practice to modify the Tiller Transactions data at it’s source. So if you categorize your transactions in Tiller, you’ll still want to continue categorizing them from the original Tiller Sheet rather than this target CSV Export from My Bank sheet.

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