It’s common to be signed in to multiple Google accounts in your browser. Perhaps you have an old gmail address from college and another one just for "junk mail."

If you're starting a trial with Tiller we recommend that you use your "Default" Google account. The "Default" is whichever account you signed in to Google first on the device after being signed out of all accounts. If you've already started a trial with the non-default account we offer some suggestions below.

You can figure out which one is the default by visiting and clicking your profile picture in the top right. The email address at the top of the list is the default.

It's easy to tell you're signed in to multiple Google accounts by visiting Gmail and clicking your profile photo in the top right.

It's important to choose the right Google account when you sign in to the Tiller Console at

If you're signed into multiple Google accounts you'll see multiple options when you choose the Google option to sign in to the Tiller Console and choosing one that is not associated with your Tiller account will create a new Tiller account that doesn't have a trial or subscription.

Addressing multi-user access conflicts

When you are starting in the Tiller Foundation Template for Google Sheets and click the "use template" button this action creates a copy of the Foundation Template on the Google Drive for the default user. This might not be the Google account you used to subscribe to Tiller, which can cause access conflicts when you try to launch the sheet from your Tiller Console.

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on will also automatically try to use the default Google account signed in to the browser after you launch the add-on from the Extensions menu. This means if the "default" Google user is not the Google identity associated with your Tiller subscription, the add-on will likely crash or show an access error after launching.

Options to fix this issue:

  1. Change the default user in the browser

  2. Use a dedicated Google Chrome browser profile

Changing the default user

If you're not using Google Chrome or you don't want to create separate browser profiles you'll need to change the default Google account to the one that is subscribed to Tiller. Your default Google account is the one that Google Drive, YouTube, and other platforms and tools will usually sign you into first when you visit or log in.

⚠️ Be sure you know the passwords to all Google accounts signed in when you get to step 2 below before proceeding to step 3 if you will need to sign back in to those accounts.

  1. Log in at

  2. Click the profile icon in the upper right of Gmail

  3. Choose "Sign out of all accounts"

  4. Click "Continue"

  5. Sign in to the Google account associated with your Tiller subscription. You must sign in to this account first in order to set it as the default.

You can then sign in to other Google accounts in the browser and this won't interfere with your use of Tiller.

Use a dedicated Google Chrome browser profile

If you're using Google Chrome, we recommend creating a dedicated browser profile just for your Tiller-subscribed email address and make sure that email is the only one that's signed in to the browser.

You can tell you're signed in to a browser profile by clicking the profile icon in the top right of the browser window, to the right of the address bar.

  1. Launch Google Chrome

  2. Click the top most profile icon in the upper right

  3. Click "+ Add" at the bottom

  4. Click "Sign in" and sign in to the Google account you used to subscribe to Tiller

If you already have a browser profile for this Google user, sign out of other Google accounts in the profile and only use your Tiller subscribed Google account or set your Tiller-subscribed Google account as the default.

  1. Log in at

  2. Click the profile icon in the upper right of Gmail

  3. If multiple Google accounts appear here choose "Sign out of all accounts" otherwise you're good to go.

  4. Sign back into the Google account that's associated with the browser profile - Google should default you into signing into that account if you have a browser profile set up for it.

Learn more about setting up Google Chrome profiles.

Recommended browser

We recommend Google Chrome as this browser works best with the Tiller service.

Safari also works well with Tiller, but you will need to make sure your Tiller-subscribed Google account is the default account if you're signed in to multiple accounts since Safari doesn't support browser profiles.

We have had customers report that FireFox and Brave browsers do not work well with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, but this could be due to customized privacy settings turned on in the browser's settings.

You should be sure to enabled 3rd party cookies for Tiller in your browser. Learn more about how to enable 3rd party cookies.

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