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Learn how to opt in or out of Tiller's daily email summary and customize it.

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What is Hello, Money?

Hello, Money is a daily email that shows you the recent balances and new transactions across all your selected financial accounts:

  • Monitor all your selected accounts in one email

  • See where your money went yesterday

  • Know your updated balances today

  • Catch unexpected charges

  • Stop fraud before it spreads

Account refresh details

Be default you'll be opted into Hello, Money, but only receive the account refresh details for each institution you have connected to Tiller.

We want to keep your transaction and balance data private, and give you the choice on whether you want that data in your email inbox or not, but the refresh information is a helpful indicator if a specific institution hasn't recently refreshed.

You’ll now see when your accounts were last refreshed next to each institution in the email. This confirms your data is current, and shows you if accounts need to be refreshed on the Tiller Console.

Clear account organization

Hello, Money uses your custom account nicknames instead of the default account names. For example, you could name one Chase checking account “Family Chase Checking” and another “Personal Chase Debit.”

You’ll also see your latest transactions organized by Institution then the respective Account.

Customize what’s included

You can mix and match what you see in your Hello, Money email. For example, you might choose to see:

  • refresh information only for accounts with no transactions or balance information

  • just transactions and no balances

  • just balances and no transactions

  • no data for the selected account at all

  • any combination you’d like on a per account basis

Net balances summary

Hello, Money helps you keep a pulse on your net worth. See your total current liabilities subtracted from your total current assets at a glance in the balances summary table.

How to turn on Hello, Money

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console at

  2. Scroll down to the "Customize Hello, Money" option just above the Connected Account Summary

  3. Click on the "Customize Hello, Money" option

  4. Toggle on the "Receive Hello, Money" toggle or customize your email by institution, account, and the desired data you want to see in the email

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