The Raw Data template is the most minimal template we offer. It does not include any formulas or reports. It’s great if you only want transaction and balance history data pulled into your Tiller spreadsheet. Use this template to experiment with building your own financial worksheet from scratch.

This template includes nearly all of our supported columns and allows you to dig into manipulating your financial data without the constraints of pre-populated formulas or

Tips About Sheet Modifications

You can edit just about every aspect of the Raw Data template to customize it for your financial tracking needs with a few exceptions:

  1. Do not change the names of the sheets (tabs along the bottom). The sheet names "Transactions" and "Balance History" are necessary for the data feed.
  2. Do not modify the column header names in either the Balance History or Transactions sheet. Most header names are necessary for the data feed. Review the supported columns document linked below for more information.

Other than that you can add new custom columns and sheets as well as insert, delete, or edit the transaction or balance data to your heart's desire. 

Helpful Resources for Building Custom Dashboards

  1. Supported columns in the Transactions sheet
  2. Adding New Sheets (tabs) to Your Tiller Spreadsheet
  3. Manually Importing Historical Data
  4. Set Your Week Start Day to Monday Instead of Sunday
  5. Visualize Your Spending With A Monthly Pivot Table
  6. Using IMPORTRANGE to get your transaction data into another Google Sheet
  7. Using Google Sheets QUERY to Visualize Your Spending
  8. Pulling in Investment Data using GoogleFinance Formula
  9. Add Spending Charts to Your Sheet
  10. Copying Reports and Charts Between Sheets
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