Open banking is a new secure industry standard allowing Tiller Money to offer faster and more reliable bank data feeds from your institutions to your spreadsheets. You can read more about what all this means here on the Tiller Money Community.

So far we support the following institutions for open banking:

  • Citi

  • Chase

  • Bank of America

  • Charles Schwab

  • Wells Fargo (starting July 6, 2021)

If you're having issues getting any of the above institutions updated to use the open banking connections read on below.

Why do I have to update?

The update process is establishing a one time direct connection between Tiller Money, our data provider (Yodlee) and your bank. You enter your credentials and any security codes or answers as part of the update process, but you are authenticating directly at the bank's site. You'll also authorize Tiller Money to access your transactions and balances. You can revoke this access at any time at the bank's site directly.

How to update the connection

  1. Visit the Console at

  2. Click "Connection > Edit credentials" next to the open banking enabled institution

  3. Follow the prompts to "update" your connection.

Usually during the update process you're asked to...

  1. Log in to the institution using your username and password - this is a direct login to the banking website. Your credentials are not being used or stored by our data provider. Note: This may also require you to enter a two factor authentication code.

  2. Choose which accounts you'd like to share access to for updating your spreadsheet. Tip: If you have shared access for accounts that are associated with a separate login for the same institution we recommend not connecting these via this update process, but feel free to add that second login.

  3. Give consent that Tiller Money can pull data for these accounts. Note: Your consent may expire for some institutions after a period of time and you'll be required to complete the above update steps again to re-establish the connection. Usually this about 90 days, but it can vary by institution.

Open Banking Troubleshooting

I'm getting an error during the update process

If you get partway through the update process and get an error like the below, you can try these steps

  1. Try again later (we've found these errors are intermittent)

  2. If you have accounts that are shared with/originating from another login at the same institution, try unchecking those accounts during the authorization/consent process.

  3. Make sure you have enabled 3rd party cookies for Tiller Money

  4. Try a different browser

  5. Try in a private (incognito) browser session

  6. Make sure you're not connected to a VPN while trying to add the account or update the connection.

  7. Try changing your password directly at the bank site and then try again in Tiller Money

If none of the above work, reach out to our team for help via the chat.

I'm missing an account from the consent screen

If you have read-only access to accounts owned by a different login at the same institution you'll need to have that person connect their accounts to Tiller. Read-only accounts are not available for the open banking connections.

If you're missing an account from the consent screen that is not a read only account, and you are the account holder, reach out to our support team via chat and share the following screenshots

  1. The missing account as it appears in the list when you log in directly to the bank's website

  2. The consent screen (The Tiller Console > Account Summary > Edit/add screen with the check boxes to select accounts you want to pull data from) where the account is missing

I don't see an option to update my connection

If you don't see an "update" button like the one depicted in the screenshot below you're likely still on the legacy data feeds integration with our data provider. You can learn about upgrading your data feeds to enable open banking for the above institutions here.

Charles Schwab

⚠️ Open banking connections are only available for customers who are on the YSL version of our data aggregation service. Read more here.

As of June 10, 2021 a small segment of customers who have successfully upgraded to the open banking connection for Schwab are unable to refresh Schwab (receiving technical errors) or are not receiving transactions and balances for some of their Schwab accounts. This is a known issue that our data provider is working to address as soon as possible. Please check our Outage Dashboard for updates about an ETA on this issue.

Sites that are enabled for open banking serviced by Charles Schwab:

Wells Fargo (starting July 6, 2021)

⚠️ Open banking connections are only available for customers who are on the YSL version of our data aggregation service. Read more here.

  1. Follow the steps in the "How to update the connection" section above

  2. If you run into issues review the "Open Banking Troubleshooting" section above

Sites that are enabled for open banking serviced by Charles Schwab:

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