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Why we use a bot for support
Why we use a bot for support

Learn more about the Tiller Helper bot and why we use it as part of our support model.

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The Tiller Helper Bot allows you to start a new conversation with our support team and get us the most relevant details quickly so we can get your question answered or issue solved more efficiently and most effectively.

During some paths, the Helper Bot will try to suggest answers to your questions when you end your query with a question mark ❓ We've set up answers to the most common questions where we already have resources that can help you.

Other paths will offer you help content to review based on the issue type. While it's nice to chat with a human, this can lead to delays in getting the answer. More often than not, the answer is already available on our help center and it's just a few clicks away.

But we understand that some issues just require the attention of our team to resolve. The Helper Bot gives us the information we need to pick up the conversation and immediately start troubleshooting, without needing to ask you for other relevant details.

We strive to keep our first response time once a conversation gets passed to a teammate low, and our median first response time for the last two years is less than 2 hours.

But, it can take us a day or more, depending on our conversation volume, to return to your conversation and share a subsequent reply. We also prioritize account connection issues, which have the highest volume, over other issues as we see them as the most mission critical.

Providing us with all the relevant details up front, like the screenshots and URLs the Helper Bot asks for, gets you that much closer to resolution without as many back and forths with our team.

We've set up the bot to take you through the paths and ask for the details based on the knowledge we've gained from customers issues across more than 40,000 conversations over the last five and a half years.

We appreciate your patience and acceptance of the Helper Bot as a vital part of our team.

You can read more about our support model here.

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