Since you can sign up for Tiller using a Microsoft or Google account there may be scenarios where you need to link an identity (e.g. email address/account) to one or the other.

One scenario where this will be necessary is if you signed up for Tiller using a Google identity, but are no longer able to sign in to the Microsoft Excel add-in from your Windows computer due to the following "browser may not be secure" error:

Another scenario is if you signed up for Tiller using a Microsoft account and want to associate a Google identity with your subscription for using Google Sheets.

ℹ️ Please note that linking another identity does not change the primary account associated with your Tiller subscription. There is not a way to change the email address associated with your account. To receive the daily email summary at a different email or change your primary sign in identity you will need to start fresh in a new account.

Linking a secondary identity to your Tiller account

  1. Sign in at and choose the provider (Google or Microsoft) associated with your primary identity

  2. Click the “link” button in the upper right above your primary identity

3. Choose the provider (Google or Microsoft) you'd like to use for linking a secondary identity to your Tiller subscription

4. Enter your the username and password for the account

5. After successful sign in you’ll see the new identity is linked to your subscription. If you get an error that the identity is already in use see these troubleshooting steps.

Now you can sign in to Tiller via the Excel add-in or Google Sheets add-on using any identity that is linked to your subscription.

Important notes:


I'm seeing an error that identity is already in use

Use the chat tool in the lower right corner of this page to send us a message and choose "something else" and let us know what email address you are trying to use as a secondary identity that is showing this error that it's already in use.

I'm seeing a Microsoft account doesn't exist error

The account linking for Microsoft accounts does not work for school or business/work accounts because these are not Microsoft Live accounts. They are Microsoft Online accounts and a different URL is used to login to these accounts.

To fix:

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