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FAQ & Troubleshooting for Authentication Issues
FAQ & Troubleshooting for Authentication Issues
FAQ and guide to troubleshooting sign in and access issues.
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I get a "Connection issue" error when I try to sign in to the Console

After logging in to the Console at you're presented with an error indicating there is a connection issue.

To fix:

  1. If you're using a VPN, try logging off and then try logging into Tiller again. Whitelisting the site within your VPN settings may be an option, but we've definitely seen success with customers who simply log off the VPN completely.

  2. Try using a different browser. We recommend Chrome for the best experience, but if you're seeing it Chrome, try again in Firefox, Safari, or another browser.

If an incognito browser session works for you, it's likely a browser or network configuration issue and you should try the following to resume using Tiller without incognito:

  • Follow this link in your regular browser to log out then log back in at

  • Try turning off any ad blocker, privacy, or pop-up blockers (e.g. Privacy Badger) in your browser.

  • Make sure Tiller is added to any privacy shield settings you might have turned on (e.g. Disabled sites in Privacy Badger options).

  • Be sure you have enabled 3rd party cookies for Tiller.

  • Double check that your network configuration (e.g., Pi-hole) or advanced security settings allow you to access Tiller.

  • Clear your browser's data including cookies, history, and cached content.

If none of the above helps, start a new conversation with our support team using the chat tool in the lower right corner of this page and choose "Something else."

Error: browser may not be secure when trying to sign in to Microsoft Excel

After signing in to Tiller via the Microsoft Excel add-in using your Google account you get an error indicating it “couldn’t sign you in” because your browser or app may not be secure for Google sign in.

To fix:

Logging out of Tiller

To log out of Tiller scroll to the bottom of the Tiller Console and click the “Logout” button. If you don’t manually logout using this button, Tiller will automatically log you out of your Tiller account after several days of inactivity.

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