If you're like most people when you spend money at some places it doesn't all get lumped into a single expense category.

When you use Tiller's automated bank to spreadsheet feeds there are a couple ways you can split transactions

Manually split transactions

  1. Insert one or more rows above the transaction you want to split based on how many times you need to split the transaction. To make sure you split the entire amount accurately, leave the original row for now.

  2. Type in the details of each split.

  3. After you've entered all the split amounts, select the amount cells for all the splits and make sure the sum equals the amount of the original.

  4. Delete the row for the original.

Optionally, you can also add a Note column to keep track of the details of the original transaction.

Use the community split tool for Google Sheets

The Tiller Community Solutions add-on includes a split feature which you can learn more about here. The transaction split workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on is supported by the Tiller Community.

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