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Using the Tiller Migration Helper add-on
Using the Tiller Migration Helper add-on
Learn more about the Tiller Migration Helper add-on
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About the Tiller Migration Helper Add-on

The Migration Helper is a special case add-on intended to help customers transition from Feed Bot sheets into Tiller Money Feeds sheets and help clean up duplicated account data after upgrading their feeds from Legacy to YSL.

How to Install the Add-on

  1. Click “Install”

  2. Click “Continue”

  3. Choose the Google account you’d like to use to install the add-on

  4. Accept the add-ons scopes

A note on step 4 above:

Ideally, you should use the Google account associated with your Tiller subscription, if applicable. However, because this add-on requires sensitive scopes you will not be able to install it with a Google account that has Advanced Protection turned on. You can install it with any Google account that doesn’t have Advanced Protection turned on because it does not need to authenticate with the Tiller service.

Do I need to use this add-on?

In 2022 we’ll be asking customers to transition off Feed Bot sheets and migrating customers to our YSL data feeds. These are two separate migrations. If both of these will affect you, we recommend transitioning to a Tiller Money Feeds sheet first and then migrating to YSL.

If you use this add-on please share feedback. Let us know how it went by completing this quick survey.

Am I using a Feed Bot sheet?

Reference What's the Difference between Feed Bot and Tiller Money Feeds? to understand whether you need to transition from a Feed Bot sheet to a Tiller Money Feeds sheet.

ℹ️ You may also still have Feed Bot sheets hanging around on your Console if you’re already using Tiller Money Feeds. If you don’t need or use those sheets anymore, we recommend making a copy of the sheet (so you are the owner of the sheet) and then unlink it from the Tiller Console.

Am I using Legacy data feeds?

Reference Upgrading your data feeds to understand whether you are on Legacy or YSL.

Right now, our team has to switch your data feed integration manually. The request to switch is initiated by completing this form.

Read more about the workflows available in this add-on

Disclaimer & explanation of scopes

This add-on requires several sensitive scopes, as depicted in the screenshot below. These scopes are required because they are bundled with the capability to use a batchUpdate() function that is only available in the v4 API from Google and to be able to select a file from your Google Drive, using a file picker. The batchUpdate() function, which requires the "" scope, allows the add-on to more quickly, accurately, and responsively merge & repair balance history entries and clean up duplicate transactions. The file picker, which requires the "" scope, is for ease of use when selecting a “source” sheet in the scenario where you are migrating data from one sheet to another.

The use of this add-on is completely optional. If you prefer not to grant access to the sensitive scopes required you can manually perform the same workflows using the steps in this guide.

You can also uninstall this add-on after completing these migration workflows, at which point, the add-on’s access to the contents of your Google Drive will be completely revoked.

Tiller uses the privileged access only to complete the selected workflows in the specified spreadsheets as part of the workflow’s process (i.e. the source and destination sheets that you choose as part of the workflow’s configuration).

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