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Should I use Tiller for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?
Should I use Tiller for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?

Learn more about the differences between Tiller Money Feeds for Microsoft Excel vs Google Sheets

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With a single Tiller subscription, you're free to use both Google Sheets and Excel if you also have a Microsoft 365 subscription. You can try both platforms using the same email address regardless of the authentication type you chose (e.g. you can still use Microsoft Excel if you signed up with a Google account and vice versa).

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Note: Our Excel add-in only works for Excel installed via a Microsoft 365 subscription or Excel Online.

We offer the Tiller Foundation Template for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. The functionally is basically the same between the two platforms and how the template works with some nuances that are just differences between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel (e.g. how the Category column dropdown works on the Transactions sheet because of the differences in how Google decided to design data validation vs Microsoft's design).

Both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel feature AutoCat, the ultimate way to customize your transaction categorization.

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets has the following features that the Microsoft Excel add-in does NOT have:

  • Split transaction tool via the sidebar

  • Refresh account connections via the sidebar

  • Separate Tiller Community Solutions add-on for installing community-built solutions that are compatible with the Foundation Template

We have happy customers using both platforms so it really comes down to preference and how important the features that are not available for Excel right now are to you. We are committed to building out the same features for Excel that we currently offer for Google Sheets, but we don't have a public roadmap available with release dates.

You can always start fresh on either platform in the future and carefully copy/paste your data between the different spreadsheets if you decide you want to try one or the other at a later time.

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