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How to unlink or disconnect a spreadsheet from Tiller
How to unlink or disconnect a spreadsheet from Tiller

Learn how to remove the connection between Tiller and a spreadsheet.

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You can create up to five Tiller spreadsheets with your subscription. If you've reached that limit and want to create a new spreadsheet or just have redundant or duplicate sheets linked you'll need to unlink one of your sheets.

  1. Log in to the Console at

  2. Click on the sheet's name to expand the configuration details for the sheet

  3. Click the "Unlink this sheet" button in the lower left corner of the sheet block

  4. Confirm you want to unlink the sheet

How to find unlinked sheets

You can find Google Sheets that you've unlinked in your Google Drive at

The location of unlinked Microsoft Excel workbooks will vary depending on whether you stored the file on your OneDrive or locally on your computer. If you need access to a workbook you plan to unlink after you unlink it, we recommend locating it before you unlink it by the spreadsheet's name to make sure you know where it's being stored. Tiller support cannot locate Microsoft Excel workbooks for you.

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