The Lauren Greutman budget tracker helps you establish a budget and review your spending against that budget on a month-by-month basis. You can create your own custom budget categories to reflect the way you manage your money and then apply those categories to transactions that are automatically fed into your Tiller-powered Google Sheet. 

We recommend starting with the current month. Don’t worry about data from prior months. After you’ve categorized this month’s transactions, the Dashboard in this template will reflect your progress on that budget. You can experiment with an alternate budget scenario from the Planner sheet. You can also track your spending in detail on the Trends sheet. 

Review the resources below to familiarize yourself with how to use this template and address some common questions about getting started.

Getting started with the Lauren Greutman Budget Tracker

We recommend reviewing the below set of help articles as you get started using your new Tiller Sheet.

  1. Understanding the Planner and Setting Up Your Categories
  2. Setting Up Your Budget
  3. Categorizing on the Transactions Sheet
  4. Visualize Your Budget on the Dashboard
  5. Account Balances & Adjusting the Account Type
  6. Visualize Your Spending in Detail with Trends
  7. Using the Roll Budget Forward Button
  8. How to Migrate Your Lauren Greutman Budget Tracker to the Latest Version

Tiller Sheet basics

Take a look at these quick resources for some basics about the Transactions sheet.

  1. Collaborating on sheets with others
  2. Splitting transactions between multiple categories

Common questions

Review these common questions if you’re new to using Tiller.

  1. Do I need all these columns on my transactions sheet?
  2. Can I delete transactions?
  3. How often is my data updated?
  4. What if I am having issues connecting my bank account?

Manual data entry

In the event that one of your accounts is not supported for automatic import, or you simply want to see more historical data that we can’t collect automatically, you can use these resources to manually get your data into your sheet. 

  1. How to manually import your data
  2. Getting your data into your Tiller Sheet

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