The roll forward button on the Planner sheet moves the values entered in the “future budget” rows for each category into the “current budget” rows. Be sure you’re truly ready to overwrite the current month budget targets before you use this button because there isn’t an easy way to undo this action. 

You can update your budget two ways. If your changes are small, just revise the current budget rows. If you want to plan out new budget numbers without rolling them out, use the future budget rows. Then, when you’re ready, click the button to move these numbers to your current budget. 

The roll forward update also changes the budget targets that are displayed on the Dashboard sheet. 

Notice all the values in the Future Budget rows have been moved to the Current Budget rows. 

Using the roll forward button for the first time

The first time you use the roll forward button you'll be prompted to allow a script to run in your Google Sheet. You'll then be asked to give permission to allow Google to run the script. 

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