This guide is for Google Sheets. We don’t yet have this feature for Microsoft Excel, but hope to have it soon.

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets has a Manual Transaction tool to help you automate manually adding individual transactions.

Using the Manual Transaction Tool

  1. Launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on from the Extensions menu at the top of your Google Sheet

  2. Click on the “Tools” menu

  3. Click on the Add Manual Transactions menu item to open the Manual Transaction tool

  4. Select the Transaction type from the Type drop down menu (deposit or withdrawal)

  5. Fill in the details required for your new transaction

    1. Date, Amount, Account, Description, and Category

    2. (Optional) Note, Tags, and Check Number if you have those columns in your Transactions sheet.

      1. Make sure your spelling for the Note column is not plural and your Tags column is, otherwise the Manual Transaction Tool won’t pick up on these columns.

    3. (Optional) Check the box to Update the balance in the Balance History Sheet. This is only available if the chosen account is a manual account.

  6. Click Add Transaction to add the transaction to your Transactions sheet. You can add a single transaction at a time or insert one and then add another by clicking the Add Transaction + 1 button.

Updating Balance History Sheet when adding Manual Transactions

The Update balance in Balance History checkbox will display when a non-automated/manual account is selected in the Account dropdown. When checked, this option will add a balance entry to Balance History that updates the last balance by the incoming manual transaction’s amount. This option is available only for transactions for non-automated accounts.

About Notes & Tags

If you have a Note column in your Transactions sheet you can customize the manually added transaction’s notes in the add-on sidebar. If you do not have a Note column, but want to add one, you can insert a column to the left of the Account column and then reload the Add Manual Transaction screen.

If you have a Tags column in your Transactions sheet you can customize Tags for a Manual Transaction. If you do not have a Tags column but want to add one you can insert a column to the left of the Account column and then reload the Add Manual Transaction screen. Multiple tags can be applied and should be separated by a comma.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use the basic tab and enter keyboard commands to move between fields more intuitively in the Manual Transaction tool.


Add manual transaction accounts list is blank

If you're trying to add a manual transaction and get a warning that there was an issue loading your accounts list, it’s possible your Account ID column is missing in your Balance History sheet. Try these steps to fix your accounts list:

  1. Open the Balance History sheet (if you don't see it, open the View menu > Hidden Sheets to unhide it).

  2. Unhide any columns in the Balance History sheet to double check that the Account ID column is not already there.

  3. If the Account ID column isn't in the Balance History sheet already, insert a column to the right of the last visible column (right click and choose Insert 1 right)

    1. If you’ve accidentally renamed your Account ID column at some point, make sure it is reverted to default and named Account ID.

  4. Enter Account ID for the header (row 1) for the new column.

  5. Navigate to Home in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (or launch the add-on if it was closed).

  6. Click the Fill button.

    1. If this doesn't bring in new Balance History entries with the Account ID you'll need to wait until the next fill when new data is available or you can make a slight change to your account name on the Tiller Console to create a new balance history entry (with the same date, balance, etc) for the account, then repeat step 6.

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