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How to set up a sheet as an Excel Table
How to set up a sheet as an Excel Table

Learn how to turn your Transactions sheet into an Excel Table in Microsoft Excel.

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If your Transactions sheet is not already set up as an Excel Table follow these steps.

The Transactions sheet in the Tiller Foundation Template is set up as an Excel Table by default. This is a requirement for the other dashboards in the template to work.

You may want to format your Transactions sheet as an Excel Table to take advantage some Community Solutions for Microsoft Excel.

Check out the video demo or follow along with the written steps below.

Reasons your Transactions sheet may not be already formatted as an Excel Table:

  • If you started in a blank workbook and linked it to the Tiller service using the Tiller Money Feeds add-in

  • If you connected your own custom template to Tiller's service using Tiller Money Feeds

  • If you are using an older version of our default Excel template (please transition to the Foundation Template if this is the case!)

To verify that your Transactions sheet is set up as an Excel Table,

  1. Click into the Date cell in row 2

  2. Review the very top of your Excel workbook and look for either "Table" or "Table Design" ribbon that will appear to the right of the View ribbon.

To set your Transactions sheet up as an Excel Table

  1. Click into cell A1 on the Transactions sheet

  2. Hold the shift key and scroll down and to the right to find the first blank cell in the last non-empty column (i.e. if your last Tiller column is "Date added" you'll want to select the first empty cell at the bottom of this column)

  3. You should have have all the data in your Transactions sheet select including the header row (row 1) and one empty row at the bottom of the data set.

  4. On the Home ribbon chose "Format as Table" (toward the right/center of the ribbon)

  5. Choose a style for your table - this just adds visual cues that it's a table and adds some alternating row colors

  6. Click okay when the pop up appears with the table range information and keep the box checked that says "My Table has headers"

You're all set now!

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