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Using the Spending Trends Sheet
Using the Spending Trends Sheet

Learn about the Spending Trends Sheet in the Foundation Template

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What is the Spending Trends sheet?

The Spending Trends sheet helps showcase key insights about your spending and earning during customizable time periods as you’re getting set up with the Foundation Template. Keep in mind this sheet provides a visualization of your data and is not meant to be edited directly, outside of choosing the time period in the drop down menu.

You will see balances and a quick net worth number for accounts linked to this spreadsheet at the top under Current Assets, Current Liabilities, and Net Worth.

Then, as you categorize your transactions you can watch the sheet come alive in the Income & Expenses Breakdown for the time period that you choose.

The Spending Trends sheet will also share helpful data at the top for Spent Yesterday, Spent Past 7 Days, and Spent Past 30 Days.

You can drill down further by selecting a time period using the drop down menu next to Insights for. The time period applies to only areas of the Spending Trends sheet below it.

You can quickly see your Cash Flow (income minus expenses) and Average Daily Expense for your selected time period.

The Income & Expenses Breakdown will show you exactly how much you are spending and earning in each of your custom categories (listed on the left) and if there are any transactions that still need to be categorized.

Each sparkline to the right of your categories will represent how much you’ve spent in that category for the selected time period relative to the category’s type. The sparkline range for spending is based on the maximum amount for that time period for that type. E.g. The max sparkline amount for expenses in the example below is based on the $950 Prius loan category. All other sparklines for expenses are relevant to that amount.

How to get the Spending Trends sheet

If you've been with Tiller for a while and are already using our Foundation Template you can get the spending trends sheet using the steps below until this template is available for install from Tiller Money Feeds.

Google Sheets

  1. Open the Google Sheets where you want to add the Spending Trends sheet

  2. Copy the URL of the spreadsheet

  3. Right click the tab along the bottom called "Spending Trends"

  4. Choose "Copy to > Existing spreadsheet"

  5. In the pop up window, paste the URL of your Google Sheet (copied in step 1) into the search bar at the top of the window and press enter

  6. Click on the Google Sheet returned in the search results to select it

  7. Click "Insert" in the bottom right of the pop up window

  8. Navigate back to your Google Sheet and rename the tab at the bottom "Copy of Spending Trends" to Spending Trends

    1. You may need to use small triangles at the bottom of your Google Sheet to scroll to the right to find the copy of the sheet that was inserted

Microsoft Excel

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete step 8 below in order for the Spending Trends sheet to work in your workbook.

  1. Open the Excel workbook where you want to add the Spending Trends sheet

  2. Right click the tab along the bottom called "Spending Trends"

  3. Choose "Move or Copy..."

  4. In the pop up window, select your Excel workbook (from step 1) in the "To book" dropdown.

  5. Leave the "create a copy" option unchecked

  6. Click "OK"

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