Note: these steps are for Tiller powered Google Sheets, but a similar workflow could be used for Excel.

It's super easy to get your historical data out of Personal Capital and into your Tiller spreadsheet. Review the steps in this help article about manually importing data and video instructions starting with step 5 below.

  1. Log in to Personal Capital.

  2. Click Overview > Transactions from the navigation at the top and review all transactions.

  3. Select your date range in the upper right. Note: You can select a specific date range so be sure you don’t overlap on the dates from the transaction data that’s already in your Tiller Sheet. Otherwise, you’ll end up with duplicates. 

  4. Click the download transaction button near the top of the transactions list.

  5. Upload the CSV file into your Google Drive. 

  6. Open the CSV as a Google Sheet. 

  7. Rearrange the columns to match the order of the columns on the Transactions sheet in your Tiller spreadsheet. 

  8. Copy the transactions and paste the Personal Capital data into blank rows on your Transactions sheet using the Edit menu, Paste Special, then “Paste values only” option. 

With all of your data in one place, you can now sort by date or organize your Transactions sheet however you want.

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