This help article is for our Budget Template version 1.0. 

As of May 17, 2018 we have released the version 2.0 of this template, which you can learn about here. Version 2.0 of this template automatically creates and archives budget periods for you!

When you’re done with your budget period (for example, it’s the start of a new month), you can begin a new budget period with these steps:

  1. Save your current budget if you'd like to be able to review your previous planned budgets later. 
  2. Set the new period at the top of the Budget sheet.
  3. Notice that the Actuals column will update to reflect categorized spending totals for the newly selected period. 
  4. Set your planned expense budget for each category using the New Plan column. The scripts in this spreadsheet will then carry these values over to the Planned column. 

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