The Balances sheet gives you an overview of the current balance for all accounts that are linked to this Tiller spreadsheet as well as account balance data you manually enter. Balances are organized by groups, which are customizable for all accounts and segmented by class: asset or liability. You can change the grouping or class by using the configuration areas to the right of the balances report on the Balances sheet.

Configure linked account balance details

Assign linked accounts to groups in the columns to the right of the Balances report. Tiller automatically identifies most accounts as an asset or liability. If you want to override Tiller’s assignment, you can do that in the “Type Override” column. Finally, you can choose to hide some accounts from your Balances report with the Hide column.

Balances for most accounts are updated daily by Tiller. Be sure to regularly visit your Tiller Console to keep your account in an “active” state so we can refresh your data more frequently. Click here to learn more about Tiller’s refresh policies. 

Configure manually entered account balance details

If you want to include other assets or liabilities that aren’t linked to Tiller (for example, the value of a house), you can enter those manually. Scroll to the far right on the Balances sheet to the “Configure: manually entered accounts” area to manually enter the account name, balance, group, and class. You can also optionally hide these accounts from the balances report with the Hide column.

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