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AutoCat for Microsoft Excel Troubleshooting
AutoCat for Microsoft Excel Troubleshooting
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Use this guide to help troubleshoot common issues when installing or using AutoCat. If you're having an issue with AutoCat that is not documented here or the steps don't help use the chat in the lower right corner to write to our team and let us know.

AutoCat failed to run message

If you're seeing this error message, please reach out to our support team using the chat tool in the lower right corner of this page or the Console at

AutoCat completed without updates

If you're expecting AutoCat to complete with updates, but after running AutoCat you're seeing a message that it completed without updates review these tips.

  • AutoCat only runs on uncategorized transactions by default. If you are expecting AutoCat to make changes to other columns (i.e. Description) and the transaction is already categorized, it will not update the other columns. You can either remove the categories for transactions or change the AutoCat Run Setting to run against All transactions from the Settings menu.

    • Please note, if you change the setting to run on All, it will still be set to run on All the next time you open your workbook, and this setting will also be set to run on All transactions in new workbooks you create. We do plan to change this so the setting is local to the unique workbook only.

    • If you have Auto Run on Fill turned on, AutoCat will not run on All transactions when you fill your sheet as it is only running against new, incoming transactions.

  • AutoCat will not make updates if your AutoCat rules contain formulas or if a column in the Transactions sheet that is an override (i.e. Category, Description, etc) or column being evaluated by a filter criteria (i.e. Description Contains, Account Continas) column contains formulas.

AutoCat did not apply rules the same way when running on Fill

AutoCat for Microsoft Excel will run through all rules in your AutoCat sheet when it's running during the fill process rather than stopping at the first rule. This is a bug we have in our list to address at some point. If this is problematic for your rules we recommend running AutoCat manually until this bug is fixed.

I don't see the Rule Builder in the add-in sidebar

The AutoCat Rule Builder is currently only available for Google Sheets. You can manually build your rules right in the AutoCat sheet in Microsoft Excel. Learn more about how to build AutoCat rules here.

AutoCat is categorizing everything with the same category

Double check that you don't have a rule in the AutoCat sheet in your workbook with a blank "Description Contains" criteria and a category set. If the "Description contains" is blank for a rule, but a Category is set on the AutoCat sheet this will be interpreted as a "catch all" rule and the category will be applied to everything not matched by other rules.

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