The Ben Collins Credit Card Tracker is meant to give you insights into your credit card spending. If you often spend money on your credit cards, rather than your debit cards and want detailed insights about your spending with the option to track your spending against a spending cap goal then this is the template for you. 

Get started:

  1. Link your credit cards to this template from the Tiller Console.
  2. Set up your categories on the Category Setup sheet.
  3. Categorize your transactions. We recommend starting out with this month first rather than worrying about months of historical data.
  4. Set your spending cap goal on the Dashboard.
  5. Choose one or all of your credit cards to analyze.
  6. Review the dashboard to gain insights into your spending.

Overview of reports on the Dashboard

Credit Card(s) Summary

The summary provides a quick overview of where you stand today with the selected cards:

  • Today’s date with days remaining this month.
  • Current credit card balance.
  • Total spend so far this month with a daily average calculation and a previous month comparison.
  • Progress made toward paying off your balance.
  • Your current amount over or under your current spending goal for the month.

Monthly Spend and Payment Analysis

This analysis gives you a year beginning to current month analysis of credit card spending that includes:

  • Total spent each month.
  • How much spending exceeded the goal cap each month.
  • How much money paid toward the credit card account each month.
  • Visual display of the above yearly spending analysis (chart to the right).

Current Month Summary by Category

You’ll see the current month’s credit card spending broken down by category with these details:

  • Number of transactions
  • Current spent this month to date
  • Previous month total spent 
  • Percentage change from the previous month
  • A brief summary and bar chart showing the relative spend in that category. 

Transactions Over Set Amount this Month

Get an analysis of credit card spending that exceeds a set threshold broken down by categories. Be sure to choose your spending threshold and select all or one of your categories to get a detailed breakdown of your spending.

Tiller Sheet basics

Take a look at these quick resources for some basics about Tiller finance spreadsheets.

  1. Splitting transactions between multiple categories
  2. Collaborating on sheets with others
  3. All About Categories

Common questions

Review these common questions if you’re new to using Tiller.

  1. Do I need all these columns on my transactions sheet?
  2. Can I delete transactions?
  3. How often is my data updated?
  4. What if I am having issues connecting my bank account?

Manual data entry

In the event that one of your accounts is not supported for automatic import, or you simply want to see more historical data for periods before you started using Tiller, you can use these resources to manually get your data into your sheet. 

  1. How to manually import your data
  2. Getting your data into your Tiller Sheet
  3. Getting your Personal Capital data into your Tiller spreadsheet

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