Tags are a great way to organize your financial data. While most Tiller templates do not have this capability built in we do have a few easy steps you can use to get it set up in any of your Tiller spreadsheets.

This Tags sheet will 

  1. Lists the tags you're using on your Transactions sheet.
  2. Shows you the sum amount for transactions that use that tag.
  3. Gives a total count of the transactions using that tag. 
  4. Offers a tag dropdown to show you transaction details for a specific tag. 
  5. Provides a summary of the categories where that tag is used for a transaction. 
  6. Shows the total count of transactions using the selected tag organized by category.

How to Set up the Tags sheet

1. Open the Tiller spreadsheet where you'd like to use tagging.

2. Right click the column to the left of where you want the Tags column to appear and choose "insert 1 right."

3. Title the column "Tags" in row 1.

4. Tag a few transactions. You can go back and tag more later, but this is to ensure the Tags sheet works properly when you get it copied over.

Note: You can use multiple tags for a single transaction if you separate them with commas. If you use multiple tags for a single transaction do not add a space after the comma. The subsequent list is case sensitive so be consistent so you don't end up with duplicate tags. 

5. Open the Reports Master sheet here

6. Right click the tab at the bottom called "Tags" then choose “Copy to” to copy this Tags sheet into your Tiller spreadsheet that has the Tags column. 

You can find your Tiller spreadsheet by clicking "recent" near the top or copy and paste the spreadsheet URL into the bottom of the window that pops up.

7. Navigate back to your Tiller spreadsheet and rename the Tags sheet (tab at the bottom) from "Copy of Tags" to "Tags."

From here you should see the list of tags you've used so far populate into a list starting with cell A2. You can then select a tag from the dropdown list in cell F1 to review all transactions associated with that tag and get a summary of the total amounts and counts of the tag used organized by category.

If you have any issues getting this set up in your Tiller spreadsheet simply reach out to support via the chat window in the lower right corner of this page and we'll help you get it set up. If you use this feature, and would like to see more capability, reporting or integration with tagging, ping us via chat (or email support@tillerhq.com) and let us know. 

Read the full blog post by Tiller customer, Jon Orlin, for information about how the formulas in the sheet linked in this article work. 

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