If you’ve started out with one of Tiller’s Google Sheets templates, and invested a lot of time customizing it, but would rather use a different template and don’t want to start over here are your options.

Using the Tiller Budget Features in other Templates 

The Tiller Budget template can be installed into any other Tiller templates via the Tiller add-on for Google Sheets. If you install it into the Yearly Budget & Insights template you will need to maintain your category budgets in two separate places. Yearly Budget sets category budgets in the Categories sheet for each respective month. Tiller Budget sets category budgets directly in the Budget dashboard in the Adjust cell (column M) or the Budgets History sheet directly. 

Installing the Tiller Budget into the Debt Snowball spreadsheet will replace the Debt Snowball spreadsheet budget dashboard with an upgraded budget dashboard.

Using the Simple Business Features in other Templates 

The Simple Business spreadsheet features can be installed into any other Tiller template via the add-on for Google Sheets.

Add-on Features Installs into Net Worth or Raw Data

Installing the Tiller Budget or Simple Business features into the Net Worth or Raw Data templates require that you manually add the Transactions and Categories sheets to the template first. 

Adding Weekly Expense Tracker Reports to Other Templates

The reports in the Weekly Expense Tracker spreadsheet can be copied into other Tiller Google Sheets templates using the “Copy to” option after right clicking the report tab and pasting in the URL of the target spreadsheet. 

Migrating Debt Progress & Net Worth Sheets to Other Templates

Due to the use of scripts, there isn’t an easy way to move the Debt Progress or Net Worth reports into other Tiller spreadsheets. 

Manually Migrating Existing Data to a New Template

You can also manually migrate your data between templates if you find that you need to start over or decide to go with a different template, and it’s a pretty straightforward copy & paste procedure. Just be mindful of the column order between the two different templates in the Transactions, Categories, and Balance History sheets. 

Transitioning from Google Sheets to Excel

If you prefer to transition to using Excel with your existing categorized transaction and balance history data review Can I use my existing Google Sheets template in Excel

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