The Tiller Customer Success team strives to make sure you get your questions answered and issues resolved as quickly as possible. 

You can reach support by emailing or by using the chat window on the Tiller Console.

Our Support Hours

Monday - Friday: 6AM PST - 3PM PST
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM PST - 11AM PST

Why only chat/email support?

We do not offer 24/7 live support at this time, and we can only offer support via email and chat because we are a very small team and can provide the best quality support most efficiently using these methods.

Will someone respond immediately?

Availability during our support hours means someone is available and monitoring, but conversations are typically replied to on a first come first serve basis, and there can be a few hour delay before you receive a response. 

Our primary customer success specialists are: 

Heather Phillips
Tom Holman
Krista Smith 

Self Service Support

There are 100s of articles on our Help Center so if you have a question, more than likely the answer is already on the help center. If you write in, and find you're not getting a reply quickly enough, try searching for your answer on the help center. 

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