If your Tiller Transactions Tab doesn't have the month column and you'd like to add some reporting based on month data you'll want to add the month column. You can also manually add the month data for existing transactions. 

Note: Going forward Tiller will automatically populate the month data for new transactions, but it will not retroactively fill the month data for existing transactions. 

  1. Add a new column anywhere in your Transactions sheet. Note: add a column by right clicking the column letter and choosing "insert 1 left" or "insert 1 right."
  2. Type the formula =date(year(A2),month(A2),1) into the first empty cell for the month data. Note: this formula assumes your "date" column is column A. If it is not Column A update the A2 references in the formula to use the column letter that corresponds to your transaction sheet date column.
  3. Use the quick fill method to populate month data for any transactions that are missing it. Note: select a cell, then click and drag the small blue square in the lower right corner of the cell and then drag it down to quickly fill in the cells below it using the same formula. 

Adding Year Data To Your Transactions Sheet

Create a new column called "Year" and use =year(A2) to manually add the year data for each transaction using the quick fill method as described above if column A is the "Date" column.

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