Errors can definitely be frustrating, but we're here to help! Most errors fall into one of the following buckets. 

  1. Error button on the Sheets Console at 
  2. Error when refreshing/re-authenticating an already connected account
  3. Error when trying to add a new account
  4. Daily or frequent account disconnections due to multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Error types 1 - 3 usually resolve on their own within a week or may require help from our data provider, Yodlee. We cannot do anything to resolve daily or frequent account disconnections due to MFA.  Read more about MFA and how the banking industry is changing with regard to 3rd party tools and access to your financial data here

Read on below for next steps for each error type.

Please also review our guidance on communication with Yodlee if your account error requires us to contact them at the bottom of this help doc.

I see an error button on the Console 

This indicates there is an error associated with the institution's connection that may be temporary or may require the help of our data provider, Yodlee. 

  1. Check our Known Data Feed Issues & Workarounds guide to see if there is a known issue or outage with your institution. Many institutions are listed under the Specific Institution Issues/Changes section with special instructions or information for getting and staying connected.
  2. Try clicking the "Connection" dropdown and choose "Edit Credentials" next to the account to re-enter your username and password to see if that fixes the connection.
  3. Try again later or the next day and check back to see if the error state changes. 
  4. If it's been more than 7 days and it's still in an error state, reach out to us in support using the chat tool in the lower right corner of this page or the Console. 

I see an error during the refresh/re-authentication process for an already connected account

If you're trying to refresh your account by re-authenticating (re-entering username and password + security answers/codes) and you're getting errors try the following. 

Technical or unexpected site errors

  1. Check our Known Data Feed Issues & Workarounds guide to see if there is a known issue or outage with your institution. Usually institutions with technical or unexpected site errors will appear on our Institution Outage list OR the Daily High Refresh Failure list.
  2. Try again a few times over the next few days.
  3. If after multiple attempts over a 7 day period you still don't have success reach out to our support team (let us know you've already tried over the last week).

Incorrect password/credentials

  1. Write your username and password on a piece of paper.
  2. Log in directly to the bank's site using those credentials.
  3. Try again in Tiller and manually type the un/pw that worked for a direct login. Please don't copy/paste or use cached credentials.
  4. If that still doesn't work, please try logging into your bank site again, change the username and password, and then try connecting again in the Console.

I'm getting an error while adding a new account

1. Verify the URL

When adding an account you'll notice that after you select the institution a URL appears at the top of the add accounts screen. Double check that the URL there matches the URL you use to log in directly to your site. 

2. Verify your institution username and password

While you might think you're typing the correct username and password it never hurts to double check. 

  1. Log in to the institution's website directly with your credentials
  2. Write down exactly what you used on a piece of paper. 
  3. Manually type (vs copy/paste) in those same credentials to try again through our add accounts screen.  

Note: If you use a password manager, such as LastPass, try manually typing in the username and password rather than having the password manager automatically fill in the credentials. 

My accounts are disconnecting every day

If you have two factor authentication (2FA) turned on, meaning you have to enter a security code or PIN after entering your username and password, those accounts/logins are likely to be disconnected frequently (once per day is common).

The exact disconnect timing varies by institution, but essentially the security code expires after a certain time period and our data provider can't connect without it so you're required to re-authenticate and provide a new security code.

In most cases, contacting our data provider does not resolve these issues. If reconnecting your accounts by providing a new 2FA code to our system allows new data to be pulled into your spreadsheet, then the connection is behaving as expected.
You will need to click "update sheets" in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to pull data into this account or wait for the next Auto Update to happen. If re-connecting with the new 2FA code does NOT pull in new data for that account (after clicking Update Sheets) reach out to our support team. 

Help from our data provider

In some cases above after you reach out to use and we investigate more closely we'll reach out to our data provider, Yodlee about the issue, but do not proceed with this step unless the error is persistent for at least a week.

Read more about expectations when we submit a service request with Yodlee.

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