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Financial Connections Error Troubleshooting Guide
Financial Connections Error Troubleshooting Guide

Use this guide to troubleshoot financial connection errors and provide the support team with the required details.

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Use this guide if you are trying to add or refresh a financial institution on the Tiller Console and are seeing an error in the connection pop up window (example screenshot below) or your account doesn't appear to be updating the way you expect.

If your account disconnects each day and you need to re-authenticate in order for new data to flow in, see this guide to learn more about how refreshes work.

Bank is not refreshing or updating troubleshooting steps

Follow the steps below if your bank accounts are not refreshing or updating.

  1. Check to see if your institution has an alert or outage listed on the Institution Alerts Dashboard.

    1. If your institution is listed on the Institution Alerts Dashboard, review the Description for the alert and then review the Issue Description Types for next steps.

    2. If the alert is one that requires you to wait, keep checking the ETA on the Institution Alert dashboard.

    3. If there is no alert, check the known data feed issues and workaround guide

    4. If that doesn't help, move on to step 2.

  2. Try refreshing the account again using the tips below and collect the necessary details for escalating the issue to Tiller's support team

  3. Review the specific tips for the error message you're seeing when you try to refresh.

    1. Some errors require you to keep trying for a few days before escalating.

Tips for refreshing

  1. Log in to the Console at

  2. Scroll down to Connected Account Summary

  3. Click Connection --> Edit credentials or Add Account if you're trying to add the institution.

  4. Enter your credentials and respond to any additional security prompts paying special attention to where in the process you get the error and the error message.

  5. If you get an error, be sure to notate the required details for escalation as outlined below.

  6. If the refresh succeeds, don't forget to fill your spreadsheet with the latest data using Tiller Money Feeds.

File a ticket

In order to escalate a bank connection issue further you'll need to file a ticket during our office hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM ET - 6PM ET) using the chat tool on the Console at

When you file a ticket you'll need to provide the following information.

  1. Name of the institution

  2. Website address for the institution

  3. Error message text when trying to refresh/add

  4. Confirm you can log in directly to the institution

  5. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) security requirements you have enabled at the bank. (e.g. do you get a security code via text/email or security questions?) If you're unsure of your MFA requirements, read more here. You can test this by logging in using an incognito browser session. DO NOT send us your bank credentials (username and password).

  6. Which of the below actions did you take immediately before seeing the error?

    • Submitting credentials (username | password)

    • Choosing a security code delivery method

    • Waiting for a security code to be delivered

    • Submitting a security code

    • Answering a security question

    • If there is another action you took immediately before seeing the error, please let us know.

  7. If you're trying to add the institution for the first time we also need to know what types of accounts you have at the institution (e.g. checking, credit, loans).

Certain issues may require additional details, which we'll ask for during the troubleshooting process. You can read about those in our How to file a bank feed issue ticket help article.

Tips & next steps based on the error

Review the details for each error type below for possible workarounds, tips, or next steps.

Errors that require you to wait and keep trying

The below errors generally resolve on their own within a week so we ask that you keep trying periodically for a week.

Technical Error

Data is unavailable

Site unavailable

Session terminated

Once you've been trying for a week if it's still not working, send us the required details for escalation.

Your request timed out

Try these steps only if you see a "Request timed out" error in the refresh pop up window.

  1. Try refreshing or adding your account once more by visiting the Tiller Console > Connected Account Summary. Click Refresh OR Connection > Edit Credentials for this account or Add Accounts if you're trying to add the account.

  2. When it gets to the step of "gathering data," click anywhere outside that window.

  3. If the account is already connected you should see the Refresh button indicate that it's still refreshing and then indicate either "Recently refreshed" or "Error" or if you're trying to add an account, wait a few moments then refresh your browser window to see if the account appears.

For many people exiting the refresh/add pop up window before running into the timeout error results in a successful refresh.

If it's still not working, send us the required details for escalation.

Site not supported

  1. Log in to the Console at

  2. Scroll down to the Connected Account Summary section

  3. Choose Add accounts

  4. Add the account as if you were adding it for the first time

Please do not remove the account as a troubleshooting step.

If these steps don't help, send us the required details for escalation.

Site is blocked

The financial institution is blocking our data provider's access to their website so we won't be able to pull data for this institution at this time.

We do not have an ETA on when this issue will be resolved.

Our best recommendation is to manually track this account until access has been restored and continue to periodically try refreshing or adding the institution.

Additional security info needed

Generally this error means there is something wrong with the way the institution's multi-factor authentication (security) integration is working with our add/refresh interface so we need more details on what the expected behavior is vs what you're seeing in Tiller.

Send us the required details for escalation. The details about MFA and where it fails in the login process are especially important for this one.

Unexpected site error

  1. Make sure sure you can log in directly to your bank website - sometimes the site is down for maintenance and you'll see this error in Tiller.

If you can log in directly, send us the required details for escalation.

Data not available

The error text also associated with this error is "We're unable to find the requested account type or an account at this site has been closed"

This could mean there is an issue with one or more of the accounts indicating that an account has been closed or deactivated. Send us the required details for escalation. We will also request other screenshots as a part of our troubleshooting process after you write in.

Account is locked

  1. Log in directly to the bank site to confirm the account is not locked

  2. If you cannot log in directly because your account is locked, please contact your bank to have your account unlocked

    1. Try again in Tiller.

  3. If you can log in directly, send us the required details for escalation.

Incorrect credentials

The troubleshooting process for this error can be complicated and tricky. In order to speed up the escalation process for this issue please try the following:

  1. If you already have the institution connected to Tiller, did you recently change your password? If so, please click the "Connection > Edit credentials" button to update your password.

  2. If you normally use a VPN, try logging of the VPN and try again in Tiller.

  3. Log in to your bank site directly to confirm you're using the correct username and password. Write down the character length of your username and password as we may need this for further troubleshooting.

  4. Manually type your username and password when trying to add or refresh in Tiller.

    1. If you use a password manager or stored browser credentials double check that you don't have more than one entry for the site.

    2. If there is more than one entry for this site be sure you're using the most recent one or if you have more than one login for the institution be sure you're using the correct entry.

  5. Use an incognito browser session to try adding the institution or if the institution is already connected use the "Connection > Edit credentials" button to attempt to update the password and refresh.

  6. Change your password at the bank site and try again. If you need to use a special character in your password, these are the only supported special characters ? ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

If these steps don't help, send us the required details for escalation and we will also need to know the credential length for your username and password (e.g. username is 6 characters and password is 10 characters) DO NOT send us your credentials (username and password). We only need the character count of each.

Site requires you to take some action

Usually this error is occurring if there is some action that needs to be taken on the bank website when you log in directly. Sometimes this is accepting new terms of service or updating/confirming your contact information. Usually the action requested appears in the form of a pop up window.

Ad and pop up blocking software or extensions can block prompts to take the necessary action when logging in to an institution's website.

Here are different types of blockers:

  • Browser based - installed on the browser and will only block ads on that specific browser.

  • Device based - installed on a device and can block ads from the device in general regardless of the browser or app used.

  • In-browser - preinstalled on a browser. Some browsers already have blocking features integrated in them and require no additional extensions. Some examples of these browser are Brave, Opera, and Ecosia.

  • DNS based - a whole system blocker that will block pop ups on any device connected that particular network.

If you know for sure that you use blocking software please try the following steps:

  • Turn off the blocker

  • Open an incognito browser session

  • Log into the institution website and take the action you are prompted to take

  • Refresh the account in Tiller

  • Turn the blocker back on

If you're not sure if you're using any ad or pop up blocking software here are some suggestions you can try to see if the prompt will appear when you log into the institution website:

  • Use a different browser in incognito mode

  • Use a different device

  • If trying on a mobile device, please do so using a mobile browser. You can also try the app as well just to confirm.

  • Use a different network

Once you have confirmed that ad or pop up blockers are no longer enabled try the following:

  1. Log into the online banking site

  2. If you see a popup, modal, or dialog follow whatever steps it is prompting you to do.

  3. Try again on the Tiller Console at

If the above steps do not help, try the following to see if you’re prompted to take action, then try again in Tiller.

  • Navigate to the transactions page for each account you have connected to see if you get prompted to do something.

  • Double check the notifications section for the online banking site for a prompt if applicable.

  • Confirm that your contact information at the Institution website is correct. Make an edit and re-save, even if nothing has changed then.

If none of the above help, send us the required details for escalation and the below confirmations:

I confirm the following is true:

  1. I do not get a prompt immediately after logging in

  2. I do not get prompted on any transactions page for any account

  3. I do not see a notification asking me to take action

  4. I have confirmed my contact information is correct and re-saved it

  5. I have confirmed multi-factor authentication is enabled on my account if available

Internal Server Error

If you're seeing an "internal server error" similar to the below code block try the steps below.

"timestamp" : "2023-12-13T11:12:23.906-05:00",
"status" : 500,
"error" : "Internal Server Error",
"path" : "/aggregator-authv2/apiConnect"

Try clearing any cookies for this institution from your browser to see if that helps.

  1. You can access and search for cookies in Google Chrome from chrome://settings/cookies

  2. Then choose See all site data and permissions about half way down the page.

  3. In the top right you'll be able to search for this institution and clear out the cookies.

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