If you discover one of your categories is missing, or the category dropdown box has disappeared from any of your cells in the Category column. We include steps for how to fix this issue and tips for how to avoid it in the future.

  1. In your Transactions sheet, select the Category column starting with row 2 and drag down the column to select the rest of the cells in the column.  (Don't select the top row "Category" header cell.)
  2. Open the Data Menu
  3. Choose Data Validation...
  4. Configure the cell range. This should always be "Transactions!C2:C" (without the quotes). Using C2:C, instead of C2:C355 (or some other row number) will ensure that all new rows added get the validation too.
  5. Set the criteria. This will always be "List from a range" and in most cases will be "Categories!A2:A" (without the quotes). If you're using an older version of one of Tiller's templates the Category column might be column B in the Categories sheet. Change the range appropriate based on the position of the Category column in your Categories sheet.
  6. Click Save

How to Avoid this Issue

  1. Add new categories to the bottom of the Categories list instead of inserting new rows.
  2. If you're pasting manually added transactions into your Transactions sheet, right click and choose Paste Special > Paste Values Only to ensure the data validation gets added to new rows. 
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