I've canceled, now what?

Here's what happens when you click the "cancel" button:

1. Your cancelation takes effect at the end of your billing period.

When you click "cancel" your subscription is set to cancel at the end of your current billing period. If you cancel during your 30 day free trial, the cancelation takes effect at the end of your trial, otherwise it will take effect 365 days after your last payment date.

Please be aware that refunds for cancelations are not automatic. If you canceled after you were already billed, and need a refund, per our 60 day money back guarantee policy, please email support@tillerhq.com and request a refund.

2. Your feed continues.

Your automated daily feed of bank data will continue to populate into your Tiller spreadsheets until the end of your current billing period (or trial). 

3. Your data is scheduled to be deleted.

When your cancellation takes effect (end of billing period) your Tiller account, all bank data, and associated data aggregation connections are scheduled for deletion from our systems in 90 days.

4. Your data is deleted.

90 days after your subscription cancellation takes effect your Tiller account, all bank data, and aggregator connections are deleted from our systems and databases.

5. Your sheets live on in your Google Drive.

Any Tiller spreadsheets that you created from the Tiller Console will remain on your Google Drive under "Shared with me" unless you previously moved them to a different location on your Google Drive. 

If you want your sheets deleted: 

Contact support@tillerhq.com and send sheet ID, which you can find in the URL if you open the sheet. It's indicated by the highlighting in the screenshot below and is located in between the d/ and the /edit in the URL.

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