If you're using a Tiller-powered spreadsheet created prior to August 26, 2019 it is being filled by the Tiller Feed Bot. It is also owned by this Google Account. Feeding data to Google Sheets was also restricted to using one of Tiller's pre-built templates. 

The Feed Bot automatically fills your sheet with your latest transactions and balances about once per day. It adds the new transactions to the bottom of your sheet and then automatically sorts them to the top. 

Spreadsheets connected to Tiller's financial feeds after August 26, 2019 use the Tiller Money Feeds to pull data into the Google Sheet. You or anyone else can own the sheet. With Tiller Money Feeds you can connect your financial data feed to any template. 

How can I tell which version I’m using?

Open the Tiller Console and take a look at your linked sheets. Under the sheet's name it will indicate if it's a Feed Bot or Feeds add-on sheet. 

Should I create a new spreadsheet?

If you want to own your sheet or if you want to start with a new spreadsheet, yes.

If you're happy with your current template and workflow, no. The new Tiller Money Feeds Add-on and the Feed Bot work similarly. 

If you want to start in a new sheet powered by Tiller Money Feeds we recommend that you start fresh and don't worry about migrating over your existing dataset. 

If you really don't want to lose your dataset you can follow these steps to manually migrate your data. Please note: If you manually track balances for non-automated accounts, this will be your new workflow for that. 

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