Use the Balances sheet to review your account balances and when they were last updated. The Balances sheet gives a net worth total and organizes accounts by asset and liability as well as group if you have those configured on the Accounts sheet. 

Using the Accounts sheet

The Accounts sheet is a hidden sheet in the Tiller Foundation template. You can use it to customize or correct details about your accounts. 

The dropdown list in column A is populated from the Balance History sheet (another hidden sheet in the template). 

Choose an account and then customize. 

You can override the class (asset or liability) if it’s being assigned incorrectly. 

You can assign the account to a group, which will change the way it’s organized on the Balances sheet. 

You can hide the account from other reports by using the “hide” flag on the Accounts sheet. 

If you need to rename an account, do this on the Tiller Console under Account Summary. 

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