You can rename accounts from the Tiller Console. We recommend renaming accounts before you create sheets so that the new names are reflected right away.

  1. Click on Account Summary.
  2. Click the edit icon next to any account name.
  3. Edit the account name.
  4. Press enter to save your changes.

Your new account nicknames will be reflected in your sheets after your next refresh.

Note: Editing the nickname from the Account Summary in the Tiller Console only updates the way that the account displays in your Tiller Sheet for new transactions and balances. The account names for historic transactions will not change. 

Tip: use the Quick Fill Square to quickly update existing account data.

Account vs Account Name

Tiller provides two different account name column options. Use the “Account” column to display the nickname you assign to an account. If you haven’t assigned a nickname, the “Account” column will display the default name of the account provided by the bank.

Use the “Account Name” column to always display the name provided by your bank, regardless of any nickname you’ve assigned in the Tiller Console.

Adding the Account Column to an Existing Sheet

If your Tiller spreadsheet does not have the “Account” column you can add it to display the nickname on either the Transactions sheet or Balance History sheet. All sheets created after June 1, 2017 already use the Account nickname feature.

To use account nicknames

  1. Navigate to the Transactions sheet
  2. Double click to edit the column header for Account Name and title it “Account”
  3. Navigate to the Balance History Sheet.
  4. Find the Account Name column and retitle it “Account”
  5. Confirm the heads up popup notification about editing the header for the column.

Note: If you do not see the Balance History sheet it is hidden. You can unhide it by clicking the sheets icon (three horizontal lines next to the plus sign) in the lower left corner of your sheet and then clicking Balance History.

Updating to use Account in existing sheets using the Standard Tiller Template, Build Your Own Template, or the How Do I Budget template

If you rename the Account Name column to Account in these three templates you will notice that your Balances sheet will show a new line for each of your accounts that you have created an account nickname for up to 7 days. After 7 days the Account Name data will no longer be displayed and only the Account nickname will show. 

Using both Account Name and Account columns

You can use both of these columns and display the nickname and the account name provided by the bank.

  1. Navigate to the Transactions sheet
  2. Right click any column header letter (you can click and drag to reorder later if necessary) and choose to insert 1 left or right. We recommend adding to the right of the Note column.
  3. Title the column “Account”
  4. Navigate to the Balance History Sheet (see note above about unhiding the sheet).
  5. Type Account into the first blank column header to the far right (usually column J)

If you use both columns the Balances sheet for the Standard Tiller Template, Build Your Own Template, or the How Do I Budget template will still display the Account Name data and not the Account nickname data.

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