Accounts and balances displayed in the Balances sheet and the Accounts sheet are fed from the Balance History sheet. Read more about the Balance History sheet.

How to manually add balances

These steps are for Google Sheets created after Aug 26, 2019.

If you’d like to manually track an account, or the automated feed from your institution isn’t supported by Tiller, you can add manual entries to the Balance History sheet. 

  1. Open the Balance History sheet (it might be hidden, click the four horizontal lines in the lower left corner of your sheet).
  2. Unhide the Account ID column (if it’s hidden)
  3. Insert a row above row 2
  4. Enter the information for your manual account including a unique Account ID.
  5. This can be as simple as 1 as long as it’s unique from other entries and you will remember to reuse the same unique ID for this account for each new entry.
  6. Repeat these steps each time you want to add a new balance update for this manual account.

Now these manual accounts will be available in the Accounts sheet dropdown list in Column A.

If you're migrating manual account data from Accounts v1 (Feedbot sheets) make sure you give each manual balance history entry the same unique Account ID after you paste the data in from your original Balance History sheet. 

Note: We hope to have a less manual workflow available in the Tiller Bank Feeds add-on later in 2019.

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