Any time a change is made to your Tiller Sheet (Google Sheet), it is recorded in the revision history. Reviewing the revision history is a great way to see the last time the Tiller feedbot updated your sheet with new transactions. You can also review this history to find out what changes a collaborator might have made. 

  1. Open the “File” menu of your Tiller Sheet 
  2. Choose the “See revision history” menu item to open the revision history sidebar. 
  3. Click any revision in the list to select it and see what changes were made. 
  4. After selecting a revision click “restore this revision” to revert back to that version of the sheet.

Note: The color of the highlight corresponds to the person (or account) that made the change, which is also indicated in the revision history sidebar. 

More Detailed Revisions

You can expand sections of the revision history to review more detailed revisions.

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