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How to Remove an Account or Institution Connected to Tiller
How to Remove an Account or Institution Connected to Tiller

Learn more about removing institutions and financial account data.

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You can remove one or more accounts for an institution that is connected to Tiller from the Account Summary area on the Tiller Console. If you want to remove or delete your Tiller account, not a financial institution account, reach out to the support team to have your account deleted.

What happens to the existing data in my sheet?

If you remove an account that is linked to one of your Tiller spreadsheets Tiller will no longer pull data into this sheet for this account, but it will not remove any of the data for that account that already exists in the sheet. If you no longer want to see that data in the sheet, you’ll need to manually delete it. 

How to remove an account:

  1. Log in to your Tiller Console

  2. Navigate to the Account Summary to display your linked accounts

  3. Click "Edit" next to the account you want to remove

  4. Click “Remove”

  5. Acknowledge that you want the account to be removed by clicking “Remove Account” on the dialog that pops up to confirm you want to remove the account. 

The account will automatically disappear from the Account Summary and accounts list for each sheet. All data associated with that account will be removed from Tiller’s databases. 

Removing an Institution Connected to Tiller

  1. Repeat steps 1 - 5 above for all accounts associated with an institution. 

Note: If you remove all accounts that are connected to your Tiller Console, the console will no longer display your Tiller spreadsheets. You must have at least one account connected to Tiller in order to access your Tiller spreadsheets from the Tiller Console.

How to Reconnect a Previously Removed Account to Tiller

If you’d like to reconnect an account to your Tiller Console that you have previously removed simply go through the add accounts process for that institution again and any deleted accounts will get pulled back into the Account Summary as new accounts.

If you re-link accounts you deleted to the same sheet you will end up with duplicated accounts in your spreadsheet.

Note: If you reconnect an account that was previously linked to a sheet and then relink it to the same sheet you will get duplicate transaction and account balance data. Tiller thinks that you’re adding the account for the first time so it will pull in all the data it can grab from your institution for that account.

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