Note: these steps are for Tiller Money-powered Google Sheets.

Watch a video or follow along with the steps below

1. Start with the Foundation template for Google Sheets

You can skip these steps if you've already started a Google Sheet with Tiller Money Feeds

  1. On the Console click "Create a spreadsheet" and then Start with Google Sheets

  2. Follow the instructions on the Install Help tab to install the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and feed your bank data into the Google Sheet

2. Get your data out of Mint

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Choose the Transactions menu option.

  3. Click the export link at the bottom of the page to automatically download a CSV file of your transactions.

3. (optional) Grab your categories

If you've already spent some time setting up Categories in your Foundation template you probably want to skip this step. If you're brand new to Tiller Money you may want to quickly get started with those existing categories from Mint and customize later.

  1. Navigate to your Google Drive at

  2. Drag & drop your Mint CSV export into your Google Drive

  3. Double click the CSV file and choose "Open with Google Sheets" at the top

  4. Use the quick formula below in a blank cell to grab a unique list of categories from your data

  5. Copy the list of categories

  6. Paste it into the Categories sheet and overwrite the example categories by right clicking and choose Paste Special > Values only


4. (optional) Clear your transaction data

If you'd like to just move over the Mint data with all the categorizations, and you have all your data up to today's date, you can clear the Transactions sheet making sure to leave the header row (row 1).

Alternatively, you can just bring in a segment of historical data that pre-dates the Transaction data Tiller Money was able to automatically pull into your Google Sheet.

5. Import your Mint CSV

  1. Install the Tiller Community Solutions add-on

  2. Choose Tools > Import CSV Line Items

  3. Upload the Mint CSV from your computer

  4. On the summary screen, choose a date range for the data you'd like to add to the Tiller Money-powered sheet

  5. Click "Add to Transactions sheet"

6. Customize Categories

You can customize your categories on the Categories sheet. You can totally re-think the way you want to categorize transactions. Update category names or delete ones you no longer want or need. Each category should have a Group and a Type.

To update Transactions that have already been categorized:

  1. Turn on the Filter in the Transactions sheet

  2. Sort the Category column from A>Z

  3. Update one invalid entries (red triangle in upper right)

  4. Use the quick fill square to update the other entries

  5. Repeat for each category you want to adjust

Alternatively, you can use AutoCat and run it on "All Transactions" to help you update categories and build a ruleset for ongoing automatic categorization.

7. Start Budgeting

Set your Budget targets for each category on the Categories sheet in column E. These values will cascade across to all months in the budgeting year. Edit any month directly.

Learn more about budgeting in the Foundation template.

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