Create a simple monthly spending pivot table to visualize your spending across one or more categories. Perhaps you’d like to review your monthly spending for each category, or a specific one like dining out. 

  1. Select all the transaction data in your sheet by clicking the square in the upper left corner of the sheet.

  2. Open the Insert menu and choose "Pivot table..." from the list. Google Sheets will create a new sheet and add the pivot table, which will reference the selected data from the Transactions sheet.

  3. From the pivot table editor choose “Category” for the rows. Note: the pivot table editor appears on the right side of the screen anytime you click anywhere inside the pivot table.

  4. Choose “Month” for the columns. 

  5. Choose “Amount” for the values and leave the summarize by SUM. 

You can order the “Month” columns by “Descending” rather than “Ascending” to see the most recent month first. You can also add filters if you only want to pay attention to certain categories.

Read more in depth about creating a monthly spending pivot table on the Tiller blog

If you'd like to create a yearly pivot use these steps to add a Year column to your transactions sheet.

Video tutorial:

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