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What if I am Having Issues Adding A Financial Institution?
What if I am Having Issues Adding A Financial Institution?

Learn more about why you might be having issues connecting your bank account and what to do about it.

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Common issues that might occur when trying to add an account and next steps.

I can't find my institution in the search results

You have clicked "Add accounts" in the Tiller Console and you're not finding your institution in the list of search results.

  1. Double check that it's in our supported list (updated quarterly by our team).

  2. If it shows up in our list of supported institutions, try searching using a single word, the first word of your institution.

  3. You can also try typing in the URL that you use to log in to the institution online in the search.

  4. If you still can't find it in the list, it's likely that our data provider doesn't currently support that specific institution.

    1. You can fill out this form if your bank is not included in our supported list, but completing the form does not mean you'll get updates about future support.

  5. If you can link other accounts to Tiller, you can easily manually add data for any accounts that are not currently supported.

I get an error when trying to add the institution

If you find the institution in the Add Accounts search window, but are getting an error when you try to connect it please follow the steps in this guide.

Institution is connected, but account is missing

If you've successfully connected the financial institution to Tiller (accounts appear in your Account Summary on the Tiller Console at but you're not seeing the data for an account in your spreadsheet, you may need to link the account to the sheet or troubleshoot the missing account.

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