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Troubleshooting missing transactions
Troubleshooting missing transactions

Read more about possible causes and troubleshooting steps for missing transactions.

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First, let's make sure your accounts are refreshing.

  1. Visit and/or sign into the Tiller Console at

  2. Scroll down to the Connected Account Summary section.

  3. Click Connection --> Edit credentials and re-enter your credentials and any additional security prompts next to institutions where you're expecting transactions.

  4. If you get an error during step 3, review this guide for next steps.

Next, fill your sheet

If you've recently refreshed your accounts on the Tiller Console but still aren't seeing recent transactions try filling your sheet

For Google Sheets

  1. Open your Google Sheet

  2. Open the Extensions menu at the top of your Google Sheet

  3. Choose Tiller Money Feeds (near the bottom of the Extensions menu) then choose Launch

    1. Note it can take a few seconds for the Extensions list and the Tiller Money Feeds Launch option to load.

  4. Sign in to the add-on if prompted

  5. Click “Fill” in the sidebar

If you run into an error during the fill, review this troubleshooting guide.

If you do not have/use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (i.e. you're still using a Feed Bot sheet) you need to migrate to using a Tiller Money Feeds powered sheet. Reach out to to let us know you need help with your Feed Bot transition.

For Excel workbooks

  1. Launch the Excel add-in from the Data ribbon in Excel.

    1. If you don't see the add-in on the Data ribbon, go to the Insert ribbon > My add-ins to open it.

  2. Sign in to the add-in

  3. Click “Fill” to pull the latest transaction and balance data for your accounts. 

If you run into an error during the fill, review this troubleshooting guide.

Next, check for transactions sheet configurations issue

If you tried the above steps and are still not seeing recent transactions

It's not a configuration issue, and I'm still missing transactions

If you're still not seeing your recent transactions you'll likely need to reach out to our team. Use the chat tool on the Tiller Console at

We'll need:

  1. Name of accounts or institutions affected (e.g. is it a specific account at an institution, all accounts at an institution, or all accounts connected?). 

  2. Date range of missing transactions. 

  3. Name of the spreadsheet affected. 

Missing a batch of transactions 

If you’re receiving recent transactions for an account, but missing a batch of historical transactions check the following:

  • Are there any filters turned on in your Transactions sheet?

  • Tiller can usually pull 30-90 days worth of historical transactions from the time you connect the account. If the transactions are older then this range we may not be able to pull them and you can manually add them.

  • If the batch of missing transactions is from a time range that you believe should have been pulled in create a test sheet to see if the gap of transactions pulls into the test sheet.

  • If they show up in the test sheet you can copy/paste the transactions from the test sheet into your original sheet.

  • If they do not show up there, manually add them via a CSV export from your bank. 

Not seeing transactions from a newly added account

If you’re not seeing any transactions for a newly added account double check that the account is linked to the sheet. 

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