First, let's make sure your accounts are refreshing.

  1. Visit the Tiller Console at and sign in with your Tiller-subscribed Google account

  2. Scroll down to the Account Summary. Click Connection --> Edit credentials and re-enter your credentials and any additional security prompts next to institutions that haven't refreshed in the last 36 hours. White refresh buttons indicate a refresh in the last 36 hours.

Note: If you get an error during this process, check our guide here.

Next, let's make sure your sheet is up to date

If you've recently refreshed your accounts in the Account Summary on the Tiller Console but still aren't seeing recent transactions here are some steps to help you figure out what's going on.

For Tiller Money Feeds powered Google Sheets

  1. Open the add-ons (or Extensions) menu

  2. Choose Tiller Money Feeds > Launch (or Open Sidebar) 

  3. Click “Fill sheets” in the sidebar

For Feed Bot powered Google Sheets
When you open your sheet you should see new data appear automatically within a few moments of the refresh steps above. 

For Excel workbooks

  1. Launch the Excel add-in from the Data ribbon in Excel.

  2. Sign in to the add-in using your Tiller-subscribed gmail account. 

  3. Click “Fill” to pull the latest transaction and balance data for your accounts. 

My sheet fill doesn't complete

If you've clicked the "Fill" button and it seems to get stuck and spins/fills for more than about 5 minutes, the process has likely crashed.

For Google Sheets:

  • If you have a high volume of accounts >20 that you're trying to fill and several years of data, be aware this can cause the fill process to crash.

  • Try filling a couple accounts at a time by checking/unchecking accounts under the Connected Account section in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

  • Try clearing duplicate from your Balance History sheet. You can do this manually or use the community-built Trim Balance History tool.

For Microsoft Excel

  • If you have a password protecting the workbook's structure you may need to enter the password or turn off the protection temporarily so the add-in complete the fill

If none of these suggestions, help you can reach out to our support team or continue the conversation that directed you to this section of the help article.

Next, check for transactions sheet configurations issue

If you tried the above steps and are still not seeing recent transactions

If using a Feed Bot sheet, it may be misconfigured. 

  • Double check that the word “Date” is in the header row (row 1) in your Transactions sheet and is spelled correctly.

  • Double check that the Transactions sheet (tab) is named Transactions. 

If you notice the word “Date” is missing the transactions are being fed, but are at the bottom of the Transactions sheet and cannot be sorted to the top because the date data is missing. In this case you’ll need to create a new test sheet and manually copy/paste the date data from the test sheet into your original sheet. 

It's not a configuration issue, and I'm still missing transactions

If you're still not seeing your recent transactions you'll likely need to reach out to our team. Use the chat tool on the Console at

We'll need:

  1. Name of accounts or institutions affected (e.g. is it a specific account at an institution, all accounts at an institution, or all accounts connected?). 

  2. Date range of missing transactions. 

  3. Name of the spreadsheet affected. 

Missing a batch of transactions 

If you’re receiving recent transactions for an account, but missing a batch of historical transactions check the following:

  • Are there any filters turned on in your Transactions sheet?

  • Tiller can usually pull 30-90 days worth of historical transactions from the time you connect the account. If the transactions are older then this range we may not be able to pull them and you can manually add them.

  • If the batch of missing transactions is from a time range that you believe should have been pulled in create a test sheet to see if the gap of transactions pulls into the test sheet. If they show up in the test sheet you can copy/paste the transactions from the test sheet into your original sheet. If they do not show up there, manually add them via a CSV export from your bank. 

Not seeing transactions from a newly added account

If you’re not seeing any transactions for a newly added account double check that the account is linked to the sheet. 

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