There are a few reasons you may be missing transactions in your Transactions sheet. 

Please review this guide on how often Tiller can pull data.

Tiller can only pull 90 days worth of data for most institutions starting from the time you add the account to the Tiller Console. 

If the data feed seems to have stopped (i.e. you haven't received ANY transactions since X date) review the guide below. 

If you're missing transactions within a date range, but recent transactions are flowing scroll to the bottom of this help article for next steps. 

Reasons the Data Feed Might Have Stopped 

1. Brand New Sheet

If you're just getting started with Tiller you need to feed the data into your spreadsheet using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets or the Tiller Add-on for Microsoft Excel.

You will need to click the Update button in either tool to pull your data in. You can turn on the Auto Update feature in Google Sheets to have it automatically populate your data once per day. 

2. Incorrect transactions sheet name or headers

Transactions sheet name change

Tiller's financial feeds rely on the Transactions sheet being named "Transactions" in order to automatically populate your financial data. 

If you changed the name of the Transactions sheet to something else you'll need to change it back in order to resume the automated data feed.

Header name changes

Tiller's financial feeds also rely on the Date, Amount and Description columns on the Transactions sheet to be named as such in order to automatically populate the Transactions sheet with your financial data. 

If these column headers were changed or missing you'll need to change them back (or add them back) in order to resume the automated data feed.

3. Transactions Refresh Delay

Sometimes if you don't visit your Tiller Console for several days there can be a delay in updating your Transactions sheet. It's best practice to open your Tiller Sheet from the Tiller Console, rather than a bookmarked linked or your Google Drive. 

Visiting the Tiller Console initiates a data refresh and will usually pull in the most recent cleared transactions after a few moments. 

4. Account is disconnected/has errors

Sometimes if a connected financial institution goes into an error state it can prevent transactions from automatically filling into your Tiller Sheet. 

PLEASE NOTE: Accounts that have two factor authentication (2FA) turned on (e.g. you have to enter a separate security code sent via email or text as part of your auth process) will regularly disconnect and there is nothing we can do to prevent the regular disconnect. Read more about refreshes here.

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console
  2. Click Account Summary
  3. Review your list of linked accounts to see if any indicate errors (exclamation points). 
  4. If you see errors, click the gear icon next to the account and click "update login" to re-enter your credentials. Note: sometimes you may need to provide the answers to security questions via this "update login" when first getting started with Tiller. 
  5. If an update login does not fix the error state for the linked account, contact support via the chat window in the lower right corner of this page or anywhere on our website or email

5. Accounts are not linked to a sheet

If you've recently added new accounts to the Account Summary, and are expecting to see transactions from those accounts in your Tiller spreadsheet, you'll need to make sure you have linked those accounts to a sheet. 

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console 
  2. Click the sheet name
  3. Put a check mark in the box next to the new accounts to start feeding their data into the sheet. 

6. Filters are turned on

If you have a filter turned on in your Transactions sheet the missing transactions might be there, but might not be visible.


If you're missing a batch of transactions within a date range

  1. Create a test sheet by linking a blank Google Sheet or Excel Workbook to the Console via the Tiller Money Feeds add-on or Excel add-in.
  2. Link the accounts that are missing data in your original sheet.
  3. Update the sheet using the add-on (gSheets) or add-in (Excel).
  4. See if the missing transactions appear in the test sheet. 
  5. If so, copy/paste them into the sheet where they're missing. 

If the missing transactions do not appear in the test sheet email with the following details

  1. Account(s) missing transactions
  2. Date range of missing transactions 
  3. A screenshot of the transactions appearing in your transactions list when you log in to the bank directly. (Please mask sensitive info.)

Something else

If none of the above cases apply to your situation, please contact our support team (or choose the "this didn't help" option in the bot's reply) using the chat window in the lower right corner of our website or by email and we'll figure out what's going on for you. 

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