Errors can definitely be frustrating, but we're here to help! 

Please go review this guide if you you're seeing errors while trying to add a new account to your Tiller Console or with your already connected accounts.

If trying to add a new institution/login to the Tiller Console

1. Verify the URL

When adding an account you'll notice that after you select the institution a URL appears at the top of the add accounts screen. Double check that the URL there matches the URL you use to log in directly to your site. 

2. Verify your institution username and password

While you might think you're typing the correct username and password it never hurts to double check. 

  1. Log in to the institution's website directly with your credentials
  2. Write down exactly what you used on a piece of paper. 
  3. Manually type (vs copy/paste) in those same credentials to try again through our add accounts screen.  

Note: If you use a password manager, such as LastPass, try manually typing in the username and password rather than having the password manager automatically fill in the credentials. 

In all cases when encountering errors

1. Try again in a few days

Most errors resolve on their own within a few days. Trying to add the account again or updating the login details for existing accounts a few times over a few days is the most efficient way to resolve errors. While we can contact our data provider to resolve issues and errors the wait time is much shorter in most cases if you just keep trying.

2. Send us the error information

If the URL is correct or the account was previously connected and you're certain you're using the correct password send us the error details via email to and we will contact our data provider to work on the issue.

In your email please be sure to include

  1. The name of the affected institution.
  2. The last four digits of specific accounts that are affected if it's not all accounts associated with the login and it's already connected.
  3. Summary of the issue.

Example email:
Subject: Unable to add new Chase accounts or Errors on existing Chase account

Hi Tiller Support,

I'm having an issue connecting my Chase account to the Tiller Console. I've tried again over several days, the URL is correct, and I'm certain I'm using the correct username and password. 

Please help!


Hi Tiller Support,

My Chase account ending in xxxx1224 hasn't pulled in any data for several days and when I update my credentials for that login I get a timeout error.

Please help! 

Communication with Yodlee

After you've emailed us with the details of your account error/disconnect issue we will contact our data provider, Yodlee via their customer care portal. The submit a service request with them and then log it into our tracking spreadsheet. 

We aim to update customers at least once a week on the status of their service request with our data provider. Often times, we don't have an update from them at that point, but we do ask them for an update, and communicate with you to let you know we're still tracking the issue. 

When they send us an update we try to communicate next steps to you as quickly as possible to see whether the resolution works. If it doesn't we report this to them and they continue investigating and the check-in cycle starts over.

We cannot resolve all issues with Yodlee that you may encounter. Review the summary below to help manage expectations about types of service requests we have success resolving. 

Issues we can usually resolve with Yodlee.

  • You're getting an error message while trying to connect an account for the first time and you've tried again a few times over a few days.
  • You're not receiving transactions for an account. Please be sure you review this missing transactions guide before contacting us about this issue.
  • You're not seeing balances for an account. 
  • You're seeing incorrect an balance for an account.
  • Your account information is incorrect.

Issues we can sometimes resolve with Yodlee

  • You're not seeing an account being pulled into the Account Summary on the Tiller Console that shows up when you log in directly to your bank's website. 

Issues we often cannot resolve with Yodlee

  • Credit card number level transaction detail. We have not had much success with pulling in the credit card number associated with the transaction when multiple cards are issued for a single account because we pull data at the account number level in most cases.

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