If you'd like to use a single spreadsheet to track and manage shared expenses with a spouse, business partner or family member we recommend these steps. If these don't fit what you're hoping to do, we recommend searching in the Tiller Community.

Set up your shared Tiller account

You only need one Tiller account so pick the account (Google or Microsoft) you'd like to use to access the Tiller Console and the Tiller Money Feeds add-on/add-in. The account you start your subscription with will be the one that will log in to refresh any accounts that require manual refreshes and fill the sheets using the add-on/add-in.

If you prefer not to use one of your personal accounts that the other person may need the username and password to access, create a new shared account that you both can use for accessing Tiller's account connection and data fill features.

If choosing to sign up for Tiller with a Microsoft account, the account you use to subscribe to Tiller does not need to be subscribed to Office 365, and please note that enterprise/business Microsoft accounts do not work for authenticating to Tiller.

ℹ️ There isn't a way to change your email address once you've started your trial, but you can start a new trial if you change your mind about which account to use and cancel the first account's subscription.

Add accounts on the Console

Once you've decided on which account to use for your subscription, add all your bank connections to the Tiller Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login under the Account Summary.

🆘 If you have any trouble adding accounts, please review this guide for tips and next steps.

Create and set up a spreadsheet

You can link up to five spreadsheets to the Tiller Console. If you want to create multiple sheets you can mix and match your various accounts to different sheets.

If you want to use a shared sheet for all your accounts and household spending we recommend a category structure like the one below, which you'll set up on the Categories sheet.

If you have a shared bank account that appears twice in your Account Summary because you've connected multiple logins to the Tiller Console for the same bank only link one instance of the account to the spreadsheet otherwise you'll end up with duplicate transactions.

You can share your sheet with your partner using the built in collaboration features of both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Categorize transactions to start building insights. Check out AutoCat for quick automatic categorization in Google Sheets.

Set budget targets on the Categories sheet in column E in the default Tiller templates for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Example category structure:

  • Partner 1 income

  • Partner 2 income

  • Partner 1 expenses

  • Partner 2 expenses

  • Shared expenses paid by partner 1

  • Shared expenses paid by partner 2

In the example below we use the first initial in the Category name to differentiate between categories since they must be unique, but both individuals are likely to have the same category of expenses.

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