Tiller will try to update the Balance History sheet with new balance data multiple times per day. That is why there are often several entries for an account for a single day. However, if you notice a stale “last updated” date on the Accounts sheet for an account here are a few things to check.

If you notice that the update date is older than about a day:

Check for a duplicate account

Review your list of accounts and check for a duplicate instance of the account that has a stale "last updated" date. Sometimes duplicate accounts appear when you remove and re-add an account on the Tiller Console. 

If you find a duplicate, update the index numbers for the old entry in the Balance History sheet to use the NEW index number for the account and then hide the row for the stale account in the Accounts sheet. Right click the row number to hide.

Initiate a refresh from the Tiller Console

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console
  2. Scroll down to the Account Summary 
  3. Click “Refresh” for an individual institution or “Refresh All Accounts”  
  4. If you see any errors or need to enter a 2FA code indicated by a “edit/fix” or “refresh w/ MFA” button, correct the errors or enter the code to refresh your accounts. If you get an error during the refresh process wait a day and try again.
  5. Open your spreadsheet and click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar or click "update" in the Excel add-in sidebar to pull in the latest balance. Feed Bot sheets should pull balances automatically.

Contact support
If the above tips don't refresh the balance data reach out to support@tillerhq.com to let them know which account specifically is missing recent balances. 

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