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In Jan 2019 we upgraded the integration of our data feeds from "legacy" to the "ysl" version offer by our data provider, Yodlee.

You can find your data feeds integration version at the bottom of the Console at

Why did we upgrade the implementation?

We strive to be at the forefront of advances in banking data aggregation. Our data provider Yodlee is investing in this newer implementation so we wanted to invest there too. These advances make feeds more reliable, timely, and offer more enhancements for future development.

Benefits of migrating

Migration options

We intend to offer a seamless and automated migration experience to all customers in the future, but the date for that is still TBD.

However, we do have the capability to change the implementation and offer a manual migration workflow today.

Manual Migration

A help guide will be available for you to follow along with for the process and we will coordinate a time to switch your implementation.

  • Available now.

  • Our team switches your environment.

  • All existing accounts become archived & no longer refresh.

  • Your historical data is still available for archived accounts for linking into new sheets.

  • You handle re-adding all accounts.

  • You manually manage 90 day overlap of duplicate transactions & duplicated accounts in your sheet.

Automated migration

We'll let you know when this is coming.

  • Available at a future TBD date (hopefully be end of 2021, but no promises)

  • Environment switches will happen automatically.

  • You’ll be provided cues to re-add accounts.

  • Archived accounts will be merged into the newly connected account.

  • No archived accounts will appear on the Console.

  • Duplicate transactions will be handled for you.

If you are interested in manually migrating or beta testing the automated migration please complete this form.

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