This guide has 5 sections and only applies to customers who subscribed or created sheets before August 26, 2019.

❤️Benefits of Transitioning
🌲Start Fresh in the Foundation template (recommended)
😕What if I don’t want to switch templates?
💰What to expect with Tiller Money Feeds
😻What about AutoCat?

❤️ Benefits of Transitioning

Transition from your Tiller Feed Bot powered Google Sheet to take advantage of many new and awesome features available from Tiller Money. 

  1. Own your spreadsheet rather than Tiller Feed Bot owning your spreadsheet. 
  2. Connect your financial data feeds to any Google Sheet.
  3. Start using our maintained and officially supported Foundation template for Google Sheets. 
  4. A more powerful version of AutoCat for automated categorization, cleaning up descriptions, automatically applying tags and more.
  5. Track balances for manual accounts more seamlessly right from the add-on sidebar.
  6. Easily add the right solutions just for your financial situation into your Foundation template with Tiller Labs.

🌲 Start Fresh in the Foundation template (recommended)

We recommend transitioning out of your old template and into our new Foundation Template to use the latest and greatest of what Tiller Money has to offer. It’s our officially supported and maintained template. It offers monthly and yearly budgeting dashboards, as well as quick insights on your spending, cash flow, and net worth. Quickly review your balances and see totals broken out by your custom groups. 

To transition to the Foundation Template. 

  1. Install the Tiller Money Feeds add-on
  2. Click to open the Foundation template you can add other reports and dashboards for tracking spending, net worth, or debt payoff later.
  3. Click “Use template” in the upper right corner of the template view that opens. If you get stuck here try this in an incognito browser after signing in to your Tiller subscribed Google Account. 
  4. Click “Use” in the sidebar that should open, or open the Add-ons menu at the top and choose Tiller Money Feeds > Sign in to Tiller 
  5. Sign in with Google using your Tiller Money subscribed Google Account
  6. In the sidebar, link the sheet, choose which accounts should feed your sheet, and confirm. Note: if you want to transition your existing transaction data over, make sure you link the same accounts that are linked to your existing sheet. 

To transition your existing categorized transaction, categories, and manual balances data you can manually do this process using these steps as a guide or try the experimental Tiller Labs Migration Helper.

To customize the groups for your accounts unhide the Accounts sheet and select accounts from the dropdown menu and then enter a group name. Set any necessary class overrides. 

Special notes on transitioning manually tracked account balances for non-automated accounts: you can now add those and update balances from directly in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar. Review the “Migrate Balances for Manual Accounts in Feed Bot Sheets” section in this guide to transaction your manual accounts to be supported by this new workflow. If you use the Tiller Labs Migration Helper, it will do all this for you.

How to add more reports and dashboards (templates previously available on the Tiller Console)

The Foundation is a great starting point for budgeting and tracking, but if you want to get the Debt Progress, Net Worth Tracker, or other Weekly Expense Tracker reports in your new Google Sheet install the Tiller Labs add-on to build on top of your “foundation.”

These solutions are supported by our team in the Tiller Money Community. If you have questions about anything installed via the Tiller Labs add-on please post your question in the Tiller Money Community and a team or community member will reply soon. We do this for the one to many benefit of the Q &A.

  1. Install the Tiller Labs add-on for Google Sheets
  2. Open the Tiller Labs add-on from the Add-ons menu at the top of your Foundation Template
  3. Accept the privacy and experimental tool disclaimers. Read more about Tiller Labs here.
  4. Click “Add a solution” in the sidebar to explore solutions supported by our team in the Tiller Money Community. 

😕 What if I don’t want to switch templates?

If you’re using the Lauren Greutman Budget Tracker, Credit Card Tracker from Ben Collins, or another of Tiller’s partner templates you will be required to transition. The below guide will not work with those templates, which are no longer supported or maintained. 

If you’re really happy with your existing Tiller template and want to stick with it, even though it will no longer be maintained or as thoroughly supported, you can follow the below steps to keep using it with Tiller Money Feeds. 

  1. Visit the Tiller Console and make sure that all your accounts are refreshed and the latest available data is in your spreadsheet. 
  2. Categorize all your newest transactions. This will help you clean up duplicates. 
  3. Make a copy of your existing Tiller Feed Bot powered Google Sheet. (Hint: Choose “Make a copy” from the File menu while the Google Sheet is open).
  4. Install the Tiller Money Feeds add-on
  5. Open the add-ons menu in the copy of your Google Sheet
  6. Choose Tiller Money Feeds > sign in to Tiller
  7. Click the Sign in with Google button and use your Tiller subscribed Google Account to sign in
  8. Link the sheet and choose the same accounts that you already had linked to the original one and confirm
  9. Tiller Money Feeds will feed your sheet with transactions and balance history. This will result in a lot of duplicates. 
  10. You can either manually clean up the duplicate transactions by sorting on the Category column in the Transactions sheet and remove any that are not categorized (if you followed step 2 above) or reference the steps below for another option. 

Update your Balance History sheet to use Account ID

Newer sheets no longer leverage the Index number column (usually hidden) to uniquely identify accounts and display them on the Accounts or Balances sheet. You’ll need to update your Balance History sheet to use Account ID in order for your balance information to update in other sheets. Use these steps to update to use Account IDs. 

Upgrade your Accounts sheet

If you’re using a template that has an Accounts sheet with manually tracked accounts to the right you can use the steps in this guide to upgrade your Accounts sheet. 

Alternatives for manual clean up and upgrades

If you want assistance dealing with duplicates, filling in missing Account IDs for historical balance history entries, and removing duplicate entries from Balance History you can try these experimental workflows from Tiller Labs. 

  1. Install the Tiller Labs add-on
  2. Open the add-on from the Add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet
  3. Choose Tools > Utilities > Manage Duplicates - this workflow will help you clean up duplicate transactions. 
  4. Then, choose Tools > Utilities > Repair Balance History - this workflow will help you get Account IDs in your old entries and correct any other mismatched Balance History data. 
  5. Then, choose Tools > Utilities > Trim Balance History - this workflow will allow you to remove duplicate Balance History entries to improve the performance of your spreadsheet. 

💰 What to expect with Tiller Money Feeds

The way that Tiller Money Feeds updates your sheets is a little different than what you’re used to with the Feed Bot sheets. 

Tiller Money Feeds has an Auto Update setting (you can turn it on in the Settings section from the sidebar), but this AutoUpdate only runs about once per day in the early morning (between 1-2 AM). 

If you have two factor authentication turned on for any of your bank accounts, any time you want to see recent data for those accounts you’ll want to re-authenticate them on the Tiller Console and then click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar. Otherwise, you won’t see those transactions until the next day if you have Auto Update turned on. 

Accounts that can automatically refresh without your intervention on the Tiller Console should pull data automatically into your sheet each morning. 

😻 What about AutoCat?

We've released a new version of AutoCat that is only available in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. You can read more about the upgrade here.

If you want to transition your existing AutoCat ruleset in your Feed Bot sheet to be used with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on here are the steps: 

  1. Copy the AutoCat sheet from your Feed Bot sheet into your Tiller Money Feeds sheet using these steps.
  2. Rename the tab in your Tiller Money Feeds sheet from "Copy of AutoCat" to "AutoCat" 
  3. Open the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (via the Add-ons menu at the top of your Google Sheet)
  4. Click "AutoCat (beta)" in the sidebar
  5. Click "Migrate" to migrate your ruleset to use the new format. 
  6. Learn more about how to use AutoCat (beta).
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